Members leading the way

Many members have helped us start our programme transformation journey - read how

Tegan, Mhairi and Sally
30 November 2016

Members Tegan, Mhairi and Sally have been involved from the start of our journey to transform our programme

They have joined many other girls, young women, members and parents who have been involved in the journey so far. Here they tell us about their role, and what they think about the changes we’re about to make.

Mhairi Mackay

Mhairi Mackay Programme Renewal Task and Finish Group member and Lead Volunteer for Peer Education

Hi! I'm Mhairi from Midlothian, which is a small county just outside of Edinburgh in Scotland. I'm a recent graduate, currently working for the NHS, and I’m the Lead Volunteer for Peer Education. 

Last year, I was accepted on the Task and Finish Group for Programme Renewal, it was full of inspiring and enthusiastic Leaders from all over the country.

It was amazing to be in a group that had such a diverse mix of experiences and ages, who were all there for one joint reason - to make Girlguiding the best it can be for everyone! 

For me, these programme changes are really exciting because it's taking the best bits of our existing programme, while making the other parts better and more accessible for every member across the country.

It's making Girlguiding more modern and relevant for young people, allowing it to be easier for Leaders to organise and plan, while also keeping the programme girl-led. The work done changing the programme will help to solve many of the issues we face as Leaders, which will hopefully result in more young people benefiting from Girlguiding - and I'm so excited to have been a part of it!

Sally Ilsley

Sally Ilsley Lead Volunteer for Programme Renewal and Deputy Chief Guide

I am delighted that our new programme is going to ensure there continues to be lots of fun, challenge and variety across Girlguiding.

I’m confident that once introduced, the broad range of pick-up-and-go activities will be a really useful tool to empower Leaders to deliver girl-led guiding that ensure girls develop important skills for life.

I’m pleased 2,500 units have already signed up to test the activities and badges, so I know we’ll develop really user friendly tools, that give girls lots of choice and make life easier for time-pressed Leaders. 

I encourage you to regularly visit our journey web hub to see the different ways you can get involved in developing the new programme so we ensure it’s girl and member-led.

The journey ahead of us is a long (three years) and potentially a testing one, but I know together with patience and by supporting each other, we can achieve our goal to transform Girlguiding and make it the best it can be for girls and Leaders of the 21st century.

Tegan Jones

Tegan Jones Lead Volunteer for Membership Communications

Hello, I'm Tegan a Guide Leader from Girlguiding North West and I’m very excited to have been involved in developing the member communications for the launch of our programme journey.

These changes to our programme have involved a lot of peoples' contributions - both staff and volunteers, and I'm positive it will be a great move forward for the organisation.

I think the changes to The Senior Section will seem the most challenging at first, but again I'm excited that in the end we’ll have an improved offering for that age group and fantastic opportunities for young adults too.

I hope you’ve been satisfied with the communications you’ve received so far, they are just the start.

We will continue to keep you regularly updated as soon as decisions are made or when we have more information.

I know that changes we have ahead of us over the next few years can seem daunting (I feel tentative myself – it’s human nature), but it’s long overdue and will hopefully create an enhanced programme. Something that we can continue to be proud of for years to come and that will offer something super special to girls and young women and make life easier for us volunteers on the ground as well!

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