Communicating with parents

Tell us what works for you when communicating with parents, so we can share your experiences with other volunteers

07 March 2018

Share your ideas for involving parents

We know that having parents involved in their daughter’s guiding journey is key to keeping them with us for longer. If parents know what their daughters are up to in meetings, they’re more likely to see the benefit of guiding and encourage them to stay – particularly as girls get older and have less time for activities outside of school.

There are many ways that parents can get involved in guiding. 45% of parents would consider volunteering for Girlguiding (YouGov Parent Insights Report, 2016). And if they’re interested in guiding, they’re more likely to support us financially, for example by buying through our volunteer and online shops, or by fundraising for us.

Getting parents involved with guiding can be challenging. But we know some of you are doing great things to make sure they know what we’re about and the opportunities available to them.

That’s why we’re asking you to let us know about the experiences you’ve had communicating with parents and what’s worked well for you. We’ll then use your feedback to create resources so you can get ideas for great ways to involve parents, from other leaders and volunteers across the UK. 

Tell us what works for you

Let us know about your experiences by filling in our online form by 5pm on Sunday 8 April.

Tell us what works for you

Share your experiences communicating with parents in our online form by 5pm on Sunday 8 April.

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Effective communication with parents is critical. It’s important that we give them relevant information in concise way and in a simple and accessible format. Parents are all juggling a range of responsibilities, so we need to ensure that all communications from Girlguiding, from national newsletters coming from HQ, to an email from the unit leader, are succinct with a clear ‘call-to-action’. - Helen Beecher Bryant, Lead Volunteer for Parent Engagement and leader of six units