5 tips to getting started with the new programme

We asked leaders to share their tops tips for kicking off the new Girlguiding programme with their units

Girlguiding leaders
29 January 2019

1. Do it your way

'My top tip is to use the resources to suit you and your unit! It's important to remember that you know your girls and so you can adapt the programme to suit them best - for example if your girls are struggling with a skills builder start on a lower level. Or just start with the unit meeting activities you know you can run with the resources you have for now. It's a transition period and doesn't have to be perfect!' - Fiona, leader at 1st Crownhill Guides and 3rd Plymouth Brownies

'My biggest tip would be to not deliver everything by reading straight off the card. Activities feel much less artificial - and it makes adapting activities to suit our individual units easier - if we 'learn' the activity and lead it off the cuff.' – Jenny, leader, 2nd Wallingford Guides, Oxfordshire

2. Use the resources

'Take advantage of the resources Girlguiding has created - they are amazing, sign up to the webinars, go to the training events, become part of Facebook communities and enjoy learning about something amazing!' - Georgina, Southborough Rainbows

'Think of the new programme as lots of meeting ideas. How many times have you wanted a meeting that was easy to deliver without too much planning? This way you have ideas ready for you, already set up to fit into the programme.' – Jen, Brownies leader

3. Get girls to do the planning

For younger girls…

'Get the girls to choose from a limited selection of options for unit meeting activities or skill builders. That way they feel in charge without feeling overwhelmed and you can pull out any cards you aren’t ready or able to deliver yet.' – Jen, Leader 1st Cawston Brownies

For older girls…

'I just let my girls explore as much as they wanted to over a box of chocolates and hot chocolate, we soon ended up with a full terms worth and minimal input from me or my assistant!' – Kate, Rangers leader

'They choose anything food related...I gave them Gutted (unit meeting activity)! 😂 Despite them all being quite squeamish they gutted and filleted mackerel, some of them even ate the finished product!! Needless to say they're a bit more focussed when choosing the activities now!😂' – Teresa, Rangers leader

'Much easier to get the girls to lead activities, and so far everything is going well. We did a skills builder last term and a couple of unit meeting activities, but this term is unit meeting activities and other activities.' – Catherine, Rangers leader

4. Be flexible

'My top tip would be to be open minded, this programme really is for the girl and if we believe they will enjoy it, they truly will since they will recognise our passion! Flexibility is crucial! Let the girls immerse themselves into everything the new programme offers, in particular the interest badges, which allow them to bring a piece of themselves back into the meeting when they bring in their badge work. This is so exciting!' – Georgina, Leader 5th Southborough Rainbows.

5. Keep calm and have fun

'My new programme top tip is not to panic and freak out. Just remember to still have fun and have a laugh with it.' - Becky, Brown Owl, 2nd Hook Brownies

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