Recruitment and growth toolkit

Our top tips, ideas and tools for getting recruitment ready

Use these tools, ideas, top tips and resources to help bring new volunteers and girls into guiding in your area. 

We're recruiting new volunteers and girls for support. We want to share how brilliant guiding is, so we can keep more units open and benefit even more girls. 


We've put together a range of resources to help you recruit new volunteers and girls:

  • A toolkit giving an overview of key messages, example posts and other resources available to you
  • Social assets that you can update and share on social media

For volunteer recruitment

In January 2022, we're launching a national volunteer recruitment campaign to encourage people to sign up as volunteers. The new toolkit below includes new campaign images and designs that you can use on your own social media to help us reach even more people with the campaign.

Download the social assets and toolkit (ZIP)

For girl recruitment

Download assets (ZIP – 44MB)

Download toolkit and social copy (ZIP - 1.6MB)

4 steps for recruitment success