The British Army

We're working with the British Army to give girls the tools and confidence to be tomorrow's leaders

Together we want to empower girls to become the leaders of tomorrow by providing them with skills for life

Our Girls' Attitudes Survey 2016 found that 63% of girls aged 11-21 would like to be a leader in their chosen job. Girlguiding are working with the British Army to help provide girls with core leadership skills through activities and experiences.

How we work together

Leadership and the skills needed to be a good leader are key attributes of the British Army and key features within Girlguiding. The British Army is sponsoring the Lead skills builder which forms part of the new Girlguiding programme.

The Lead skills builder focusses on girls gaining the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to be an effective leader. Developing skills in leading a team, creating a vision, compromise and negotiation. Specially designed activities will help girls to understand what type of leader they are and get them to identify and then play to their strengths, as well as developing new skills.

The British Army also attend our national events and put on activity evenings to help girls develop their leadership skills.

About the British Army

This British Army protects the UK’s interests at home and abroad, providing a safe and secure environment for everyone to live and prosper. People and human interaction are crucial to their success and they are committed to gender equality and diversity - encouraging everyone to ‘be the best’.

Women have been a vital part of the military for over 100 years. And the British Army sees leadership skills as something vital for all girls and young women regardless of identity, background and ability.

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