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What’s the purpose of the calls?

The adult member and volunteer calls are an open and safe space for you to form connections, empower you to ask questions, and share insights from across project teams.

These termly Zoom calls offer visibility, transparency and accountability from us as an organisation, and accessibility to Girlguiding’s senior leadership. They're an opportunity to engage with the whole membership and answer questions.

Why join our all member and volunteer calls?

Exclusive insights from the leadership team

Join us for a unique opportunity to hear directly from the chief guide team, Girlguiding’s CEO, chair of the board and directors. Get first hand updates on our latest initiatives, learn about upcoming projects, and gain insight into the strategic direction of Girlguiding. It's your chance to connect with the leaders who steer the organisation.

Your questions, our answers

We believe in an open dialogue. These Zoom calls will provide you with a direct line to express your thoughts, seek clarification, and engage in meaningful conversations. Do you have any questions about our programme, initiatives, or Girlguiding's overall mission? Here's your chance to ask them live, ensuring that your voice is heard.

Your next call

Autumn term call

When: 2 October 2024, 7.30-8.30pm
Who’s it for: All adults (members aged 18 and over) in Girlguiding
We’ll be discussing: Topics for this call are yet do be confirmed.

Register for the autumn term call

Please contact [email protected] with at least 1 week's notice for any access requests, including BSL. You can also share any questions that don’t fit in the registration form with [email protected].