Adjustment plans

An adjustment plan will help you make changes in meetings, trips, and residential events to ensure Girlguiding is accessible

By completing an adjustment plan with a young member or volunteer, you can work out what barriers they face and plan the changes, or adjustments, you can make to remove these. 

It's a personalised, practical plan which helps you identify and record adjustments for disabled young members and volunteers. 

Find out more about making adjustments. 

Adjustment plan templates 

For young members: this template is for young members and those taking part in our 18-30 offer, Girlguiding Inspire. Anyone under the age of 18, or under 16 in Scotland, will need their adjustment plan to be signed off by a parent/carer.   

Download the young member adjustment plan template 

For volunteers: you should complete an adjustment plan for volunteers in partnership with the volunteer themselves. For volunteers under the age of 18, or under 16 in Scotland, this adjustment plan will need to be signed off by a parent or carer.  

Download the volunteer adjustment plan template 

For events: an event-specific adjustment plan should be made before taking part in non-unit events, for example a jamboree. This can be used alongside a unit adjustment plan, and we encourage you to share these with events teams before the event. 

If you are travelling overseas, remember to consider the laws, customs and insurance needs of the country you are visiting. Information about local laws and customs can be found in the government's travel advice. 

Download the volunteer events adjustment plan template 

Download the young member events adjustment plan template

Completing an adjustment plan

The adjustment plan will help you make adjustments in meetings, trips, and residential events. Use the plan as a starting point for a conversation with the member about the barriers they experience. 

You should also involve parents and carers in the conversation if making a plan for a member under the age of 18, or 16 in Scotland. 

Check our advice on making reasonable adjustments before you start. 

As the adjustment plan is all about what support the member needs, you must listen to them and actively involve them when deciding on suitable adjustments. The individual must be central to the process and take part in completing it. Their knowledge and experience will help you to develop a supportive plan that meets their needs. 

If the conversation raises any concerns about safeguarding, including difficulties engaging parents or carers in making adjustments, follow our safeguarding policy and contact the HQ safeguarding team on [email protected] 

You should review the plan regularly with the member. This timescale will look different for each individual depending on things like how new they are to the unit or what the barriers they’re facing areBut this should be done at least every 12 months. Doing it each term is also a really good idea. This means you make sure that the things you have in place are still working for the member.  

Adjustment plans should be signed off by your local district or division commissioner. 

Remember, this form will contain personal information so please ensure the document is password protected and must be kept securely on a password protected device or in locked storage. You must not share any of the information in the form without the consent of the individual/ their parent or carer. 

When the individual has left Girlguiding, we advise destroying their adjustment plan within 4 weeks of them leaving.

See our managing information procedure for guidance on keeping personal details safe.