Fund for members with disabilities

If you are a member with a disability, or a volunteer supporting someone's additional needs, this grant can give you financial help

A grant to help support members with disabilities

We want all our members to have a great guiding experience and take part in all we have to offer. This grant helps to support members with disabilities access all areas of the programme, from unit meetings through to international trips.  

Who is eligible?

This fund is available for:

  • young members and volunteers with disabilities
  • volunteers/units supporting members with disabilities

One application per year can be made for an individual.

How much funding is available?

Each application, and the amount of funding requested, is considered on an individual basis

What does the funding cover?

The grant can be used to cover the cost of:

  • Expenses for a volunteer 'buddy' to support members with disabilities to attend a trip, camp or holiday (this must be their only role on the event).
  • Expenses and fees for a paid carer to support members with disabilities to attend a trip, camp or holiday.
  • Transport for members with disabilities to attend a trip, camp or holiday.
  • Specialist equipment and resources.
  • Training and development to promote awareness of disabilities and inclusion and/or practical knowledge to support members.
  • Providing inclusive activities for members with disabilities at Girlguiding events.

Unfortunately we can’t accept applications for:

  • Volunteer buddies/paid carers for members to attend unit meetings.
  • Transport to and from unit meetings.
  • Members of the Trefoil Guild or Trefoil Guild projects.
  • Adaptations to buildings or premises where guiding events or meetings take place.

Application form

Fill in the application form to apply for the grant.

Download application form

Making your application

Remember that your county or country/region adviser for members with disabilities needs to sign your application, along with your local commissioner.