Planning and recording for your unit

To help you plan a varied and challenging programme for your unit each term, we've created these tools

Make sure girls in your unit try things from all six of our programme themes, work towards skills builders and awards, and experiment with different activity topics by using these tools.

Designed specially to help you work with your girls and leadership team to plan and keep track of your unit programme, these templates can be printed out and used at home or in your meetings.

Programme planner

This planner has space for 13 weeks of activities (an entire term) and we've added in an example Guides programme for the first six weeks to show you what it might look like when all the elements slot together. Feel free to delete it and add your own or edit to fit your unit's plans.

It’s a great tool to help you plan the new programme for each term with your girls and leadership team.

Download the programme planner (DOC)

You might have seen the filled-out example of a term plan in guiding magazine, you can look at this as a guide for how the programme can be explored through unit meetings.

And from 24 July, for the first time ever you can add information about the badges and activities that girls do to their GO record. To help you to see how they are progressing towards awards and creating a lasting record for girls (and their next unit leader!) of their guiding achievements.

Why keep a record in GO?

Adding details of the unit meeting activities, skills builders and interest badges girls have done to the programme section of GO will help you offer a balanced and varied programme, which doesn’t repeat what girls have done before, and best supports them to achieve theme and section Gold awards.

With programme elements crossing sections from Rainbows to Rangers, keeping a record will help you support girls to build on their interests and achievements and help other leaders to do the same when your girls transition up a section or need to transfer to a new unit.

And when girls do gain badges or achieve awards you'll know exactly what you need to order in!

Getting started

Unit leaders will be able to find this programme area in your unit records and there are help files on GO to guide you through the process, step-by-step

This is our first tool of this kind for leaders and we know it won’t do everything you want the way you want it to straight away – that’s the nature of trying something new!

If you come across something you think could be better please send us your feedback to [email protected] so that we can learn from your experience and make it even more useful in the future.

Weekly record sheet

We know that many of you don’t have access to GO in your unit meetings, so the downloadable planner and weekly record sheet have been designed to help you collect the info you need for inputting the next time you log into GO.

Use this print out alongside the programme section in GO to keep track of what your girls do each meeting. If you can't get online at your meeting place, this sheet is great to fill out in your meetings, so you can update GO at a convenient time.

This template has been designed to work alongside and reference your term plan. We’ve used a Brownie unit as an example of how this can be used, so do modify or delete this to work for your unit.

Download the weekly record sheet (DOC)

Try the unit programme planning e-learning

For more support on planning and creating a balanced and varied programme, why not try the unit programme planning e-learning