Accepted first aid qualifications

Get details on how to determine if an external first aid qualifications is accepted as equivalent to 1st Response

Check if your external first aid qualification is suitable for guiding

If you hold a valid external first aid qualification you may already have the training you need to provide first aid support in guiding.

What external first aid qualifications are equivalent to Girlguiding's 1st Response?

For your first aid qualification to be considered equivalent, it should:

  • be valid
  • have involved a training that was at least six hours long
  • included training for both adult and child CPR
  • covered all other topics in 1st Response training.

Use the 1st Response course syllabus checklist to make sure that your external qualification covers the same topics as this training.

If you have completed an external course that does not include child or adult CPR, then you should join part of a 1st Response or 1st Response Refresher course which covers this. Alternatively, ask a Trainer to do a one-to-one update for you.

Process for checking equivalency

To check if your external qualification meets 1st Response requirements, you should arrange a chat with your local Commissioner. You will need to work through the 1st Response syllabus, checking that everything has been covered in your external training. This is a conversation based on trust, but wherever possible share your certificates with your Commissioner.