Building and contents insurance

It's important that all guiding buildings have the right insurance. Make sure you know what cover you need

Buildings and venues used for guiding need to have the right insurance cover

It's the responsibility of your charity trustees or the management committee to make sure the right cover for building, equipment and other property and assets is in place.

Property insurance protects your property against most risks like fire, theft and some weather damage. You can also get special additions including fire, flood, earthquake and boiler insurance.

Building insurance

This insurance covers damage to the structure of your property, things like the roof, walls and floors. It also usually includes cover for damage to the fixtures and fittings.

You need to take out a policy that would cover the whole cost of rebuilding the property if it was damaged or destroyed. This should include everything from demolition costs, professional fees (such as planning consultant’s, architect’s and legal fees) to the cost of materials and labour and VAT.

Don't try to save money on insurance premiums by underestimating the cover you require. There have been instances in the past where a guide property has not been able to be completely restored after damage because the building was underinsured. 

You should review your building insurance each year when it's renewed to make sure you have the right level of cover and that you are insuring against all necessary risks.

Most policies do not offer subsidence cover as standard but it will be an optional extra. Repairing damage from subsidence can be expensive so you should consider taking the cover up unless you are sure that your building and foundations will not be affected.

In some cases involving leasehold property, the buildings insurance cover is maintained by the landlord, but the management committee still need make sure that the coverage is correct when it is reviewed each year. This is unlikely to include cover for contents, so you will need to look at separate contents insurance. 

The insurance must be taken out in the name of the guide group (or in the case of a joint scout and guide hut, in both names). If your property is held by The Guide Association Trust Corporation, that must also be added to the policy as an interested party. Under some leases, you might also need to include the landlord on the policy in some way. 

Contents insurance

You don’t have to take out content’s insurance; it will depend on what you keep in your building. But it’s important to note that contents are not covered under of any Girlguiding’s policies.

Review what you have in your building, including activity equipment (craft supplies, flags, camping equipment etc.), and look at the value of it to decide whether to take out a policy. Make sure that you calculate the right values of your building and contents.

If you are running a depot, you will need to get cover for stock and money as goods ordered are your responsibility from delivery until sale. If a depot is being run from someone’s home, they will need to tell their household insurer otherwise they will not be able to make a claim.

You can arrange cover for these additional areas through any reputable insurance company or through Unity Insurance Services, one of Girlguiding's insurance partners.

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