Property insurance

It's important that all guiding buildings have the right insurance. Make sure you know what cover you need

Information about insurance if you're running a property

It is the responsibility of local Property Management Committees, Trustees or Commissioners to ensure that all buildings, equipment and other property and assets are adequately covered.

What is covered by our public liability insurance?

Our insurance covers public liability arising out of the ownership of guiding buildings or non-owned buildings while being used for guiding activities.

What is not covered?

  • The cost of damage to the structure of the property and rebuilding work which should be covered under building insurance taken out separately by the property.
  • The contents of the buildings including activity equipment (craft supplies, flags, camping equipment etc). Make sure that you calculate the right values of your building and contents for insurance purposes.
  • Cover for stock and money if you are running a depot as goods ordered are the depot's responsibility from delivery until sale. If a depot is being run from home, this is a material fact and the household insurer should be informed of it.
  • Damage resulting from a fire.

You can arrange cover for these additional areas through any reputable insurance company or through Unity Insurance Services, one of Girlguiding's insurance partners.

Cover for external hirers

Girlguiding's public liability insurance does not cover external hirers and you cannot add anyone to it. If you are hiring out your venue to other organisations - or to private individuals - it is important to obtain proof of their public liability insurance cover for a minimum of £5 million and complete the Hirer's Agreement.

About the Hirer's Agreement

  • This should be used when any external party hires premises which are owned by Girlguiding.
  • The form should be completed in duplicate with a copy retained by the owner for their records and a copy given to the hirer.
  • The Property Management Committee should store the forms securely and keep them for three years after the agreement has ended.

The form has two parts.

  • Part A - sets out the time, dates and costs of the hire for your records.
  • Part B - requests the hirer to agree that they will indemnify you for damage or injury. This means that they will either pay the costs of repair, or will pay compensation for the damage and/or injury. You do not need to complete part B if you are hiring to other Girlguiding groups but it must be agreed for everyone else this.

The form asks the hirer to confirm that they have public liability insurance in place to cover the costs and compensation up to £5 million.

If the hirer does not have any public liability insurance then they need to arrange it or take on the responsibility themselves. Private hirers might be able to arrange insurance as part of their household policy for a party or one-off event. If you go ahead with the hire, you should make the hirer aware that by signing the agreement, they are entering into a contract with you and failure to have a public liability insurance policy would be a breach of contract and a claim could be made against them.

Before considering hiring out your property, please check that this does not negate any of your insurance policies for the property, including your building insurance.

For more information about hiring and managing and holding properties, see our Property page.

Contact our Insurance team

For more information, please contact our Insurance team, either by telephone on 0845 260 1053 or by emailing [email protected]