Information about DofE expeditions

Getting out there, and keeping safe

Running an expedition is no mean feat! Make sure you’ve got all the information you need to run them safely.

Forms you need

There are two types of expedition forms in Girlguiding -

Girlguiding green form

This is used for all Girlguiding DofE practice and assessed expeditions at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. It’s our way of checking the route and supervision plans are safe and meet the requirements of a DofE expedition.

Our Green Form replaces the DofE Green Form (DofE Expedition Notification Form for Expeditions in DofE Wild Country).

DofE blue form

This is used to notify DofE that a group - of any DofE level - is organising either an unaccompanied practice or a qualifying expedition outside of the UK.

Alongside these forms, you’ll also need to make sure you have Health forms for all participants and Information and Consent forms for any participants under 18. There's more information on the girl-led residentials page. 

Training groups

If you're training girls to go on a DofE expedition, make sure you have followed the DofE Expedition training framework for the relevant Award level and the DofE Expedition guide.

There’s also more training materials to use with your groups on the DofE expedition page and the expedition resource centre.

Supervisor qualifications

You need to have extra experience and/or qualifications depending on the type of expedition the girls you're supervising are going on. For example, if they’re walking, cycling or canoeing.

Check the Activity finder to see what level you need. You must also be qualified and competent to supervise travel in their chosen environment – check our countryside classification for more details.

You’ll need to hold the role of ‘County Duke of Edinburgh Supervisor’ on GO and complete A Safe Space training levels 1 to 3.

All expeditions also need a DofE expedition assessor. Check out the roles available for what this entails, or if you’re already an assessor find out what you need to know.