Using GO - our membership system

Manage membership records for girls and volunteers and update information about your area

Keep records for members up-to-date as well as unit, district, division or county information

GO (Guiding Organiser) is our updated membership system that records all our member's information. It means you can keep your details updated and manage information for the young members and volunteers in your area.

In GO you will be able to update your contact information and update your training and qualification history.

If you volunteer with a unit, you will also be able to:

  • Update information about your unit
  • Contact members of your unit
  • Download reports, emergency contact forms, forms for events and other useful documents

If you’re part of a district, division or county team, you can:

  • Update information about volunteers in your area
  • Update awards and qualifications
  • Contact your volunteer team
  • Update information at different levels, depending on your access.

Where can I get help?

Everything you need to know about GO can be found in GO. Once logged in you'll be able to find help files, videos and other online resources that will help you make the most of the system. If you need more help contact your local commissioner or the membership systems team.

How do I log into GO?

Before you log in you need to activate your account using your invitation code. You should have got this in an email but if it's not turned up contact our membership systems team on [email protected]. Please do not share this as it is your own unique activation code.

Once you have activated your account you will be able to log into your GO record at any time using the username and password you set up.

How to use GO safely

As with any system, it’s really important that you use it safely and not put members, yourself or the organisation at risk. This includes:

Making sure you have effective security software installed on your computer such as:

  • Anti-virus software
  • Anti-spyware software
  • A firewall.

If you think your computer has been infected with a virus or other malicious software do not access GO until you’ve had it checked out and it’s safe.

Avoid using a shared computer. If you do use a shared computer make sure you:

  • Have your own email address to keep messages confidential.
  • Don’t leave the computer logged in and unattended.
  • Set up a screen saver to lock the computer when you’re away from it, even if it’s just while you make a cup of tea.

Keep your GO account secure by following these rules:

  • Don't write down your username and password
  • Don't share your username and password with anyone else
  • Choose a strong password and change it regularly.
  • If your web browser has a "remember my passwords" feature, turn this off when using GO.
  • Always use the ‘Log Out’ icon to ensure you log out of GO correctly.
  • Only download information when you actually need it.
  • Store any downloaded files on a password-protected computer or USB memory stick. Delete the information as soon as the mail-merge or other work is complete.
  • Remember your email system may store copies of the information as well - delete this when it is no longer required and after running any report make sure you delete them from your desktop. 
  • Don't access GO on a computer in a public place, like an internet café or public library.

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