Make a banner

Attending an event? Hire a banner from Girlguiding - or create your own - to make a real impact

Find out how to produce a display banner to promote your guiding area

Banners at local events, fairs or open days can be a great way to engage with a large number of people - and flags will help make your unit visible at events and camps. You can:

  • order a bespoke flag or banner from Girlguiding's personalised merchandise service
  • create a localised banner using our online design centre.

Ordering a personalised flag or banner

Flags and banners from our personalised merchandise service can be tailored to specific units, sections and events, and are machine-washable.

  • Take a look at the Guiding Essentials catalogue and select which flag or banner you would like.
  • Email [email protected] with details of your order.
  • Delivery will take between six to eight weeks.

Creating your own banner

To help you to create indoor and outdoor banners for your local area, we have made a range of banner templates, which are available on the online design centre. These allow you to create on-brand banners targeted to your local area in a matter of minutes.

If the templates available on the online design centre do not meet your requirements, make sure you follow our identity guidelines when designing your banner, and adhere to the following instructions.

  • Your full local logo should be used on all banners. This includes all the elements: the logo panel, the trefoil, our name ‘Girlguiding’, our strapline, the logo panel border and the highlight.
  • Our logos should always point inwards.
  • Multiple logos can appear on a banner – all logos should point to the centre of the banner.
  • Any text used on the banner alongside the logo should use the official Girlguiding typeface, Trebuchet MS.
  • The logo must be used only in Girlguiding’s official colours and in accordance with our logo guidelines.
  • Images must be large enough so that they do not become distorted when the banner is printed. It is best to avoid .jpeg files and instead use .png, .tiff or other large image files.
  • Any photos used on the banner should adhere to our photo guidelines.
  • Girlguiding brand elements can be used on the banner, but should not be altered in any way.

To make sure that your banner design is on-brand, you can email [email protected] and our marketing team will be happy to review your design

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