Adventurous activities policy

What exactly is an adventurous activity, and how can you make sure to stay safe?

Approved: 26 March 2021
Version: 1
Content owner: Girl experience

This policy explains how Girlguiding defines an adventurous activity.

It also covers the sensible risk management practices that volunteers at all levels need to follow. These make sure girls can enjoy adventurous activities safely while also being challenged.

This policy covers activities done in one day and activities that are part of residential events at home or abroad.

It applies to Girlguiding in the UK, Crown dependencies and British Girlguiding Overseas (BGO), including its branches.


Adventurous activity - an activity that is exciting and stimulating. It may take place indoors or outdoors. By its nature or location it may expose girls taking part to higher levels of risk.

External activity provider - the organisation or company that makes the adventurous activity available.

Activity instructor - the person with the qualification, skill and experience to lead the adventurous activity. They could be a volunteer, member or someone not involved in guiding.

Safety measures

We recognise that all activities carry a level of risk. Our Health, Safety and Welfare policy and procedures outline the risk management measures you should follow.

However, some activities carry a higher level of risk than others, due to their nature or location – we call these adventurous activities. You can find a full list marked as adventurous activities in our Adventure for girls activity pages.

Before you run or take part in any adventurous activity, you must have evidence that the following additional safety measures are in place:

  • The activity provider or instructor has the necessary training and safety qualifications, as described on the activity pages.
  • The external activity provider or instructor has their own insurance cover.
  • The external activity provider or instructor has done and shared with you a risk assessment specific to your activity.

If you have any doubts about the information the activity provider or instructor gives you, you should discuss it with the outdoor activity adviser for your country/region, international adviser if relevant or [email protected].

If at any time you feel uncomfortable or unhappy about safety or level of instruction before or during the activity you should stop it immediately. This is particularly important if circumstances and conditions change.

Never be afraid to change or stop an activity if the risk increases.

Joint activities with Scouts and adventurous activities

Girlguiding has a long-standing relationship with the Scouts and where adventurous activities are happening with the Scouts as a joint activity, Scout adventurous activity permits are an accepted qualification. These are detailed on the  activity pages.

Insurance and adventurous activities

Girlguiding insurance covers members or anyone acting on behalf of Girlguiding when they’re taking part in a recognised guiding activity. This includes all BGO units doing activities in their home countries.

However, Girlguiding’s insurance does not cover the actions of the third party providers so it's important that you check that every provider or instructor has their own liability insurance.

Girlguiding insurance doesn’t cover any international trips. The leader in charge must make sure they have their own insurance in place. It’s also very important to check the details of the insurance to make sure it covers all elements of your activities.

Find out more about travel insurance.

  • Remember – you must have the evidence outlined in this policy in place before doing an activity, whether it’s covered by Girlguiding’s insurance, or insurance you arrange yourself.
  • Breaches of this policy will be dealt with through our Managing concerns about adult volunteers policy and procedure.
  • If the activity that you want to do is not on our activity pages then you should contact outdoor activity adviser for your country/region or email [email protected]
  • There are activities that Girlguiding does not permit you to take part in. These can be found on the prohibited activities list.