Creating a growth plan

Looking to strengthen and grow guiding in your local area? Create a growth plan to get started

Why create a growth plan?

We want more girls to benefit from guiding, and making a plan for growth is a sure way to see that happen. Our plan for 2020, Being our best, includes the ambition to strengthen guiding and grow our membership so that even more girls can benefit. And we need your help to achieve this. We want every county across Girlguiding to agree local growth goals and share their plan for membership growth for 2020.

Sometimes recruitment can feel like firefighting – filling a gap here, saving a unit from closing there – but creating a growth plan is all about making sure guiding in your area stays strong and healthy without any surprises. Plus it will put you in a position to keep growing, and then you’ll see more and more girls earning badges, trying out adventurous activities and having the time of their lives.

We’ve created a handy booklet and supporting tools to help you and your local team – whether at unit, district, division or county – to plan for growth. You can use them to:

  • Work out exactly how many girls and volunteers you need
  • Identify where in your local area you need to recruit
  • Predict when you might need more volunteers
  • Decide what actions you need to take to strengthen and grow membership in your area
  • Work as a team on recruitment and retention of young members and volunteers

Talk to your commissioner to find out if there are any wider plans to grow membership in your area and if they can help you.

Start with our growth planner

Give the booklet a read. You don’t need to fill in the whole thing. It’s been designed to dip in and out of depending on your area's needs – whether it’s waiting lists, recruiting more volunteers or encouraging girls to move up to the next section.

Why not use it to start a conversation at your area meeting or event. Or to work with your local unit teams and with wider volunteers who support growth and retention. For example, those who manage enquiries, develop local training or do local press and marketing. 

Download the Our plan booklet

Get the data you need

Using membership numbers will help you plan for growth. You can get most data through GO. If you hold a level support or commissioner role you’ll be able to see reports for your level and role. A GO statistical summary report or an enquiry report is a really helpful starting point. Don’t forget your own local knowledge is invaluable too.

Share your #GrowthGoals

We'd love to hear about your plans - tweet us @GrowingGuiding #GrowthGoals with what you’re up to. We’d also love to see your plans so that we can offer advice and support - get in touch by email.

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