All about Rainbows

For girls aged four to seven – Rainbows is exciting, messy, friendly and a lot of fun!

Rainbows is for all girls aged four to seven (five in some areas).

We play loads of fun games and do activities and challenges and a few times we get badges – Matilda, Rainbow

Rainbows learn by doing – they get their hands dirty, do sports, arts and crafts and play games. Being a Rainbow is all about having the space to try new things. Through taking part in a range of different activities with girls their own age, Rainbows develop self-confidence and make lots of new friends.

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Learning about the world together

Rainbows learn and grow through a programme of age-appropriate activities, trips and adventures - both in their regular meetings and at special events.

They can work towards interest badges, where they can learn about everything from recycling to storytelling, and start their skills builder journey, developing core skills and trying new things like camping, leadership and first aid.

There are even awards they can earn, like the Rainbow Gold award and the six Theme awards, that show their commitment and encourage pride in their achievements.

Rainbows are supported by a group of highly trained, inspirational leaders to explore, challenge themselves and have fun.

Magical events for Rainbows

There are a whole range of exciting events - locally and nationally - that Rainbows can enjoy. Explore the wonder of Magic and Mayhem to find out what Rainbows do when they get together.

The next step in her guiding journey

When a girl nears the end of her time at Rainbows, she can continue her adventure at Brownies - our section for girls aged seven to ten.

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