Guides take the lead

Ways that you can lead Rainbows, Brownies and other Guides!

I had an amazing Guide leader who just kept encouraging me every step of the way to get involved in things and she inspired me to become a Leader too. I now encourage others - Gerri, member of Rangers and former Guide.

Learn to lead with Guides

Guides is a great place to develop your leadership skills - it's a supportive environment and there's a lot you can help with! You might find yourself leading games at Rainbows or helping your Patrol decide which badge to do next as Patrol leader.

Our leadership opportunities are great for all Guides

Through planning, communication and teamwork, you will become a role model for others and learn more about yourself.

You don't need to be loud or super-confident to lead - developing leadership skills is about growing your own confidence too. A supportive space like guiding means you have room to make mistakes, as well as celebrate your achievements. We think all girls can lead in different ways - including you.

Ways you can lead

Become a Patrol leader

As a Patrol leader or Second you will be a team leader responsible for representing your Patrol. You will plan activities and make decisions about the unit in discussion with leaders and Young leaders. Some people call this a Patrol leaders council.

Rainbow and Brownie helpers

Have fun supporting younger girls by becoming a Rainbow or Brownie helper. You could help younger girls organise their Promise or Pot of Gold parties, regularly lead games or be available to tell them how exciting Guides is.

If you're thinking about becoming a Rainbow or Brownie helper then talk to your Leader. She can give you more information and help find a nearby unit you can support.

Leadership training

Girlguiding has produced five online learning modules so girls like you can develop their skills, learning at their own pace and a time that suits them. Find out more about Beginning to Lead or speak to your leader.

Interested in leadership opportunities?

Speak to your leader about leadership opportunities available to you. Your leaders are there to support you, so ask them for help when you need it.