What your annual subscription pays for

How the membership fee you pay supports our work with girls and young women

Every year we ask every member, both volunteers and girls, to pay a subscription – our name for our membership fee.

Without subscriptions, we couldn’t support our incredible volunteers to change girls’ lives and inspire them to be their best. So thank you for continuing to support and believe in our work.

The final amount you pay for subs goes towards running costs at every level of guiding. This means that Girlguiding HQ amount of the subscription is only one part. The rest goes to your district, division, county or country and region. 

Talk to your commissioner for information about how subs help local guiding in your area. 

In 2021 the Girlguiding HQ subscription will be £17.70. This is a small increase on last year’s Girlguiding HQ subscription. This is to help us keep guiding going and sustain the organisation for the future.

The Girlguiding HQ £17.70 will go towards:

Girlguiding support for girls and volunteers

  • Further development of the core programme to keep it fresh and modern
  • Adventure – fantastic opportunities for girls
  • Youth awards
  • Young leader opportunities and programme development
  • Events led by HQ, eg European Jamboree
  • Learning and development opportunities such as e-learning and training.
  • Technology including continuous development of GO (our membership database) and new e-learning platforms
  • Support for all our amazing commissioners
  • Developing and supporting our network of trainers

Keeping girls and volunteers safe

  • Safeguarding: A Safe Space training including e-learnings, virtual and face-to-face training
  • Advice on keeping girls and adults safe
  • Help with data protection
  • Insurance and support with making claims
  • Legal advice
  • Disclosure checks, recruitment and vetting
  • Support to make or deal with complaints
  • Consistent and clear policies and procedures to reduce the admin burden on all our volunteers

Giving girls a voice

  • Girl-led campaigns such as Future Girl

Effective charity management

  • Developing and delivering our strategy to lessen the burden on our volunteers and work closer with countries and regions
  • Management of our properties including our activity centres, so volunteers and girls can attend events and go camping
  • Our Board of trustees and other committees to make sure we use our resources in the best possible way to deliver our mission and vision

Investing in our future

  • Income generation including fundraising

But subs are only half the story

We work hard to raise money from other sources so we can give girls an even better experience while keeping the subs and the annual subscription low. Our money also comes from events, donations and legacies, grants, our shops, our Activity Centres, and our investments.