Paying your annual subscription

Everything you need to know about the annual subscription process for 2022

Dates you need to know

  • 7 December 2021: Country and regions, counties, divisions and districts add their levy amount to the subscriptions system. 
  • 25 January 2022, midday: We’ll send an email when your trial invoices are ready to download. You’ll need to check it’s correct. Any changes you make on GO will be shown on your trial invoice the following day. If you’re a commissioner make sure everyone in your area has checked their invoice. 
  • 8 February 2022: We’ll send you an email reminder if you haven’t downloaded your trial invoice. 
  • Monday 21 February, 7pm: No more changes can be made to trial invoices. 
  • Tuesday 22 February, midday: Official and payable invoices will be available to download. We’ll send you an email to let you know. 
  • 18 March: We'll send a reminder email to the main contact of any level that hasn’t yet paid their official invoice. 
  • 1 April, midday: All subscription payments must be received in full by this date. 
  • 25 April: Districts, divisions, counties and countries or regions will receive their levy amounts, minus any deductions for unpaid invoices. 

How to view and change your trial invoice 

  • Log into GO 
  • Click on the ‘Subscriptions’ button 
  • Once logged in, select your level's name (if you have more than one role) 
  • Select 'Download invoice’
  • If the trial invoice isn’t correct, make any changes on GO

How to check your payment

All official invoices will go through the following stages. 

  1. Unpaid – we haven't received your payment. 
  2. Payment in progress – your payment has been received but hasn't yet cleared. This status will be shown for five working days (meaning this doesn’t include weekends and bank holidays). 
  3. Paid in full – your payment has cleared, and your invoice has been paid. Remember to print the paid invoice to include in your annual accounts as a receipt.  

If you see a message saying ‘Problem with payment’, we’ll send an email to the level’s main contact with information about the problem and how to resolve it. 

Our finance team won’t be able to talk to anyone outside of the unit team about individual problems like this, so please contact the level directly for more details. 

Need more support? 

Contact us on [email protected] 

Log into the subscriptions system

Use your membership login details to access the subscription system.