Catering Scheme

From budgeting to food hygiene - learn all about catering at a residential with our Catering Scheme

Learn how to cater at a Girlguiding residential event with our Catering Scheme

Our Catering Scheme will equip you with everything you need to know about catering - from planning and buying supplies to hygiene and safety.

Who can complete this Scheme?

The Catering Scheme is open to all members aged 18 and over, and non-members aged 18 and over who have been recorded on Go! as Residential Occasional Helpers.

What will I learn?

This Scheme is made up of four modules.

  • Organising catering arrangements - budgeting for food, organising your kitchen and buying ingredients.
  • Food hygiene - ensuring food is prepared safely so no one gets ill.
  • Organising the kitchen - overseeing daily rotas, food preparation and serving, and dealing with any problems.
  • Concluding an event - returning equipment and carrying out post-event administration.

This qualification is assessed practically, so you will need to plan and carry out the catering for a residential event to complete it. Along the way, you will be assessed by a Mentor, and will need to keep a record of evidence to show what you have done.

How much will it cost?

Nothing. The Scheme can be downloaded for free.

Remember: you'll need to organise catering at an event as part of this qualification, so it's important to consider the cost of this too.

How do I get started?

  1. Contact your local Commissioner, who will put you in touch with an appropriate Adviser in your area.
  2. Download a copy of the Catering Scheme.
  3. Your Adviser will then help you to find a suitable Mentor, who can support you through the Scheme.

Download the Catering Scheme

Download a copy of the Catering Scheme.