Become an Leadership qualification mentor

Support the leaders of the future as an Leadership qualification mentor

Support our leaders in training to complete their leadership qualification by becoming a mentor.

Within Girlguiding, mentoring is a focused programme designed to support new leaders in training. Having a great mentor makes a huge difference, and helps new leaders settle into their role and complete their qualification.

Why become a mentor?

  • It’s an opportunity to hear a new perspective and ideas from your mentee
  • It provides an opportunity to reflect on your own guiding practices
  • It’s fantastic recognition as a role model within guiding
  • Enables you to develop your leadership skills including providing feedback, communication and interpersonal skills

How will I be supported?

When you become a mentor for the Leadership qualification, you can complete our introductory e-learning and may be invited to a mentor training session. This makes sure you're clear on the role and understand who does what throughout the process of completing the Leadership qualification. 

If your local area does not have a training planned, ask your county commissioner if she knows of any others taking place soon.

How much time will I need to give?

There is no specified time commitment for being a mentor, but we do expect you to be committed to your mentee. As a minimum, you'll need to:

  • Meet with your mentee at least once a term and help them to track their progress through the Leadership qualification
  • Visit your mentee - or arrange for someone else to do so - to observe their skills and help them to reflect on and learn from their experiences

How do I get involved?

Have a chat with your local commissioner and ask her to put your name forward. Alternatively, contact the leadership qualification coordinator in your local area.

Resources for mentors

Mentor handbook

A reference guide that contains everything you need to know about being a mentor.

Download the mentor handbook

Meeting ideas

Ideas to help mentors prepare for meetings with leaders in training.

Download meeting idea - Being a perfect match
Download meeting idea - Getting back on track
Download meeting idea - Seeing it in action


A contract to ensure that mentors and leaders in training understand what is expected from the relationship.

Download the mentoring agreement

Notes for commissioners

How to support leaders in training in your role as commissioner.

Download the notes for commissioners