We're very proud to support our LGBT+ members at annual Pride events across the UK

Each summer, we support a number of local guiding areas to attend their local Pride events

Attendance at these exciting events reinforces the message that we are for all girls – and gives us the opportunity to engage with a diverse range of people to ensure Girlguiding is as inclusive as possible.

What is Pride?

Pride is a celebration of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) community. There are hundreds of Pride events taking place every year, in towns and cities across the UK and all over the world.

Each Pride event is different but many have:

  • A colourful parade through the town or city
  • A community programme
  • Live music and performances
  • Family fêtes and funfairs.

Lots of the larger Pride events also have community fringe events - like lectures, talks, art exhibitions and cinema screenings - attached to the main event.

Why do we attend Pride?

Attending Pride events reinforces our policy of being fair, open and inclusive. It highlights that members and supporters are welcomed irrespective of their faith, race, culture, nationality, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Pride events also offer the opportunity to celebrate the brilliant contributions of all our LGBT+ members, and to reach out to volunteers who may not have considered guiding before.

One of the things that I value most about volunteering with Girlguiding is having the opportunity to be a role model to a diverse group of girls and young women. I believe that Girlguiding helps its members to feel confident in who they are...  sexuality and gender identity is an important part of this, and I really hope that Girlguiding’s participation in Pride sends a positive message to its members about being safe and free. - Gemma, Assistant Brownie leader 

How can I get involved?

Pride events are planned and delivered by volunteers locally, with support offered by Girlguiding staff. If you'd like to get involved, contact your Commissioner to find out if there are events happening near to you. You can find out more about Pride events in your area on the Stonewall website.

'It was a very proud day to be a part of Girlguiding'

Sally, Rainbow and Brownie leader and organiser for Girlguiding's presence at Brighton Pride 2016, tells her story

'What a day - we stuck 2,000 stickers onto enthusiastic Priders, gave out 500 pin badges, 200 pens and 5,000 love hearts, along with other guiding branded items.

We listened to people recall their Brownie and Guide Promises, reminisce about Guide camps and Brownie sixers. We also heard some very moving stories about how Girlguiding had changed their lives and watched as groups of friends walked away chatting about their happy guiding memories.

It was a very proud day to be a part of Girlguiding and being a part of a Pride event gives us the opportunity to show that we are a safe inclusive space for all girls and adult volunteers. We were able to show that we are welcoming to the them and their families throughout their guiding experience.'