Concerns about girls

Understand what you should do if a girl in your unit makes a concerning disclosure

How you should report concerns about a girl

If a girl or leader makes a disclosure, or you have a concern about someone’s physical, sexual or emotional wellbeing, as a volunteer you need to offer the appropriate support.

To report a concern

  • Make a written record of your concern or a girl's disclosure, including the date, time and all relevant details of the member concerned, others involved and witnesses if there are any.
  • Contact your local commissioner or the Safeguarding team at Girlguiding HQ who will inform you of the next actions to take.
  • Email your written record to [email protected].

If it is an emergency - and the child is at risk - inform the police or social services first, then the Safeguarding team.

Young leaders - It's the leader’s responsibility to make young leaders aware that they must refer any disclosures from a young member to an adult, and to advise them on how to respond to a disclosure from a young person.

Who to ask for support

If you are concerned about a young person and require advice or support, you should contact your local commissioner or the Safeguarding team at Girlguiding HQ on 020 7834 6242 ext. 3037. For out-of-hours emergencies call 07508 032997 (5pm-10pm Monday-Friday; 9am-10pm Saturday/Sunday).

Reporting female genital mutilation (FGM)

Our volunteers are not required to report FGM in under 18s directly to any statutory agency. If you have any concerns about FGM, please contact the HQ Safeguarding team and we can support you.

If you teach or work in health and social care outside of guiding however, you are duty-bound to report any known cases to the police.

Contact the HQ Safeguarding team

If you have a concern about a girl or volunteer and need advice or support then contact the HQ Safeguarding team. Call us on 020 7834 6242 ext. 3037 or email us below.


For out-of-hours emergencies call 07508 032997 (5pm - 10pm Monday - Friday and 9am - 10pm Saturday/Sunday). Please do not text the out of hours number as we are unable to access these messages.

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