Guiding Star award

An award for members under 26 who have displayed exceptional courage or shown great initiative or responsibility during an incident

The Guiding Star rewards bravery and determination in challenging situations

Guiding Star awardAn award for any member of Girlguiding, up to her 26th birthday, who has displayed exceptional courage or who has shown great initiative or responsibility during an incident.

What are the award criteria?

The Guiding Star Award may be given for:

  • Saving or helping to save a life
  • Bravery and competence in facing an emergency situation
  • Caring for a sick relative
  • Have made a significant contribution and impact on guiding in their unit or area whilst showing courage and determination in the face of a serious or long-term medical condition
  • Have made a significant contribution and impact on guiding in their unit or area whilst  coping with exceptional circumstances in life.

If the award application is based on an incident or emergency situation, this must have occurred within the last six months.

Guidelines for making an application

An application must be:

  • submitted without the knowledge of the nominee or their family
  • accompanied by a fully completed awards application form
  • accompanied by a copy of the member’s Guiding history report
  • accompanied by letters of support from appropriate guiding and non-guiding people.

Where life expectancy is limited, an emergency application may be considered at short notice. Please apply to your country/region office.

Letters of support

Remember that the Awards committee can only base its decision on the content of the letters of support. These letters should:

  • give clear reasons for making the application
  • include supporting evidence where relevant (for example eyewitness accounts)
  • describe the nominee’s current involvement in guiding
  • provide full and detailed information, including details of any medical condition or emergency situation if possible. Patient confidentiality must be respected and medical evidence must pass only between the country/region medical adviser and the nominee’s doctor.

The application process

An application for this award may be initiated by any member of Girlguiding and the nomination needs to be discussed with the relevant commissioner.

Completed applications for the Guiding Star award must be submitted to the relevant country or region Office or the chief commissioner for British Girlguiding Overseas (BGO) for initial consideration and approval. Applications are then submitted to the Girlguiding Awards committee for the final decision.

The Girlguiding Awards committee usually meets twice a year.

Make an application

Use the application form to nominate someone for this special award.