Guiding Star award

An award for young members who act as an exceptional role model, or have shown great resilience or initiative in response to an emergency situation.

The Guiding Star is awarded to exceptional young members of Girlguiding

This is an Association award for any active, exceptional young member of Girlguiding, up to her 19th birthday, who meets the criteria.

What are the award criteria?

The Guiding Star Award may be given for one or more of the following:

  • Demonstrating great resilience
  • Acting as an exceptional role model
  • Showing initiative in response to an emergency situation

You should include evidence of any significant contribution and impact on guiding in the nominee's area.

If the award application is based on an incident or emergency situation, this must have occurred within the last six months.

Guidelines for making an application

An application must:

  • Be submitted without the knowledge of the nominee or their family
  • Include a fully completed awards application form. If you need a nomination form, contact [email protected]
  • Be accompanied by a copy of the member's Guiding history report
  • Contain letters of support from appropriate guiding and non-guiding people. The unit leader should write a letter reflecting on the nominee's membership of, or contribution to, her unit

Read more advice on making your application

In extenuating circumstances an emergency application may be considered at short notice.

Please apply to your country or region office.

If the award needs to be processed quickly, please contact your country or region office, who will contact the chair of the awards committee via headquarters.

The application process

Any member of Girlguiding may initiate an application for this award. The nomination needs to be discussed with the relevant commissioner.

You must submit completed applications for the Guiding Star award to the relevant country or region office for initial consideration and approval. Applications are then submitted to the Girlguiding awards committee for the final decision.

The Girlguiding awards committee usually meets twice a year, in spring and autumn.