Girlguiding Hero award

Show your appreciation with this award for members or friends of Girlguiding.

An award for members or friends of Girlguiding who have done something special.

Why we have created the Girlguiding Hero award

After a very difficult year for everyone and circumstances we could never have imagined, its a good time to show our appreciation to members or friends of Girlguiding who have done something wonderful that has in some way helped others. With this in mind, we've created a very special certificate for a Girlguiding Hero.

This certificate will be signed by the chief guide, chief commissioner and county commissioner to show that throughout the organisation the person's efforts are truly appreciated.

While we might be celebrating what someone has achieved in the last year, the certificate does not just represent the pandemic. We hope you'll join us in continuing to celebrate those heroes who go above and beyond what is expected of them and we ask you to share those stories with us.

Who can be nominated for the Girlguiding Hero award?

Heroes can be of any age. They can be members or friends of Girlguiding. Reasons to give the Girlguiding Hero certificate are as wide as your imagination!

Examples could be:

  • A special fundraising effort
  • Supporting an individual or member of the community
  • Supporting local guiding
  • Showing fantastic citizenship
  • Coping with adversity

Or...? Well you tell us! Anything that demonstrates the effort a person has put in.

We look forward to hearing about the many ways in which our heroes are making an impact.

Who can nominate someone for a Guiding Hero award and how?

Any member of Girlguiding can nominate the person they think is a hero.

Here is how to nominate a hero:

  • Download the Hero award application form.
  • Complete the form and send it to your county commissioner for consideration.
  • Once approved and signed by the county commissioner, arrangements will be made for a hero certificate to be sent out for presentation.

Ways of presenting the Girlguiding Hero award

It’s up to you! You can decide how and when you present your awards.

You may want to make the award look even more special and buy a frame to present it in (the certificate is an A5 design).

And of course we hope you'll share this on your social media channels.

Giving the Thanks badge or Good service brooch alongside the Girlguiding Hero award

You may decide that the Thanks badge or the Good service brooch should be given to your nominee alongside the Girlguiding Hero award – we encourage this.

Do check the criteria for each and give your reasons why when you submit your nomination request.

Find out more about these awards.