Order personalised merchandise

How to order bespoke guiding wear - including hoodies, polo shirts, neckerchiefs and ID badges - with our personalised merchandise service

Celebrate great guiding moments with personalised clothing

Through our personalised merchandise service, it's easy to order bespoke items for your group or area which are perfect for attending special events or celebrating key dates in the guiding calendar.

What can I order?

  • Hoodies
  • T-shirts
  • Polo shirts
  • Waterproof jackets
  • Personalised ID badges
  • Special neckerchiefs.

Get in touch with [email protected] if you'd like to create other clothing items. The team will be happy to support and advise.

How can I order personalised clothing?

  1. Choose the items, colours and sizes you need – for an overview of what’s available, view our personalised merchandise catalogue.
  2. Prepare your design - you can put both text and a design on your clothing. This design might be the logo for your unit or event or you can create your own design. Follow the simple guidelines below to make sure that your design won't need to be changed for printing.
  3. Download and complete a personalised clothing order form - fill out the form with your details.
  4. Send your completed form and design - to [email protected]k or post to: Sales Department (Personalised Merchandise), Girlguiding Trading Service, Atlantic Street, Broadheath, Altrincham, Cheshire. WA14 5EQ.
  5. We will contact you once we get your order form - at this stage we'll also tell you about any changes you need to make so that your design meets our guidelines.
  6. An artwork of your final design will be sent to you for approval.
  7. You will receive a final quote for your order - including a standard delivery cost.
  8. You can then make your payment - to pay by credit or debit card, call 0161 941 2237. If paying by cheque, make it payable to 'Girlguiding Trading Service'.

How can I order ID badges and neckerchiefs?

Neckerchiefs can be ordered by emailing [email protected]. ID badges can be ordered from [email protected].

Creating a bespoke design

You may simply choose to put the logo of your event or unit on your clothing. However, if you want to create a bespoke design, it must include your unit or area name, an event name and the trefoil.

Unit or area name - make sure your full unit or area name is somewhere in the design, for example 4th Anytown Guides.

Event name - if the item is being produced for an event, you must include the name of the event in your design.

The trefoil - the following guidelines apply here:

  1. The trefoil must be used only in Girlguiding’s blue. Even if your design is just for one section, you need to use the blue trefoil, not the Promise badge in that section’s colour.
  2. The trefoil may be used only in its original format; do not change it in any way or use the elements separately.
  3. The trefoil must not be used as a pattern or as part of another design or picture, or as a replacement letter in a word - for example as the dot of an i.
  4. The trefoil must not be used upside down or at an angle.
  5. The trefoil must be close to the name of the unit or area.

We also ask that you use Girlguiding's colour palette where possible. Colour is an important part of Girlguiding’s brand identity and we have created a palette of colours that are used across all our materials. If you choose to use our colours, your item will be instantly recognisable as a guiding item and will help to reinforce the organisation’s identity.

Designs should be submitted in .pdf, .jpeg or .eps format, and in RGB or CMYK colour. If you don’t have a full design, a scanned drawing will suffice.