Breaking Free

Girls tell us that gender stereotypes make it harder to reach their goals. Breaking Free gives girls the tools to challenge any stereotype that limits them.

We’re helping girls challenge stereotypes

Gender stereotyping happens every day. It’s in the way clothes are designed, the toys we give children and the jobs we’re encouraged to do. We know that these gender stereotypes make it harder for young people to achieve their dreams. 

Girls tell us that they’re surrounded by stereotypes. And that seeing simplified versions of what it means to be a girl makes it harder for them to be themselves. They want things to change.

Breaking Free is all about helping young people make that change, by giving them the tools to identify and challenge gender stereotypes.

Peer educators can bring Breaking Free to your unit

We’re training peer educators to deliver Breaking Free workshops in Girlguiding units. Fill in our online form to ask about a workshop with a local peer educator.


Don’t worry if there aren’t any peer educators trained in Breaking Free in your area yet - trainings are happening all across the UK.

Ask about a workshop with a local peer educator

Train as a peer educator to deliver Breaking Free

Follow our three easy steps to learn how to run a Breaking Free session. We’ll make sure you’re fully confident on the topic so you can deliver brilliant workshops to young people.

  1. Watch the videos below
  2. Complete the online quiz 
  3. Go to a face-to-face training day to practise the activities. Ask your country/region office when the next training event is happening

Looking for a particular section?

You can find the following information at the listed timings in part 2:

02:30: For our transgender and non-binary policy
04:21: For the post-leader conversation

Now take the quiz

Take the Breaking Free quiz

Take the Breaking Free quiz
Lauren, 16

Lauren, 16

Breaking Free Task & Finish Group member

‘Gender stereotypes are everywhere and have a huge impact on girls’ lives, from influencing the toys they are bought to determining their career opportunities.

Breaking Free aims to educate and empower girls – and boys too – to combat gender stereotyping and promote equality in many ways, from challenging others, to using their voice on social media.’