Prohibited activities

For safety reasons some activities are prohibited by Girlguiding

There are some activities you can't do as part of guiding

This is either because adequate safety requirements have not yet been developed or because we feel that the activity does not fit with the aims and objectives of guiding. Therefore, they're not covered by Girlguiding's insurance policies so you would not be able to make an insurance claim if anything went wrong.

Avoid planning activities prohibited by either Girlguiding or The Scout Association at joint events.

Bungee jumping - jumping from a tall structure or a moveable object (like a hot air balloon or helicopter) while connected to a long elastic cord. This activity is prohibited because adequate safety requirements have not yet been developed.

Cutting glow sticks - glow sticks are great fun at events but please don't cut them into bits. They contain chemicals that can harm eyes and skin, and might stain your clothes.

Go-karting or quad biking on public roads - riding or racing open four-wheeled vehicles on public roads is prohibited as they can't be made safe. However, go-karting and quad biking off road, such as on indoor or outdoor private tracks, are permitted guiding activities.

Hitch-hiking - involves asking strangers to give you free transport for all or part of a road journey. This is prohibited because it could be unsafe and doesn't fit the aims and objectives of guiding.

Horse vaulting - this involves performing gymnastics while riding horses and should only be carried out by experienced gymnasts. This activity is prohibited because adequate safety requirements have not yet been developed.

Releasing sky lanterns and helium balloons - Girlguiding doesn't endorse sky lanterns or helium balloons being released at events and celebrations. They can damage the environment, cause pollution and injure animals. Sky lanterns also pose a fire risk.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) are also calling for these lanterns to be banned as they can be confused with emergency red flares.

War games, including laser tag, virtual reality war games and paintball - This covers physical games in which players simulate or re-enact a war/battle situation using weapons towards others towards other players, or human and animal-shaped targets.

However, weapons such as paintball guns and laser guns are permitted if fired at other objects, for example, in a coconut shy activity.

Activities you can enjoy

This list of prohibited activities is very short in comparison to all the activities you can do! Search around to find something exciting and adventurous for your unit.

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