Our trainers offer a wide range of subjects as live, online sessions.

Learn from the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you

Our volunteer trainers run regular webinars covering a huge range of topics. These online, interactive sessions can be booked through the Learning opportunities on GO. Check there to see upcoming webinars and book your place.

A Safe Space webinars

Complete your A Safe Space training in these webinars. You can complete these sessions instead of attending an in-person training session or doing the e-learning.

  • A Safe Space Level 1 and 2 combined - This session covers Levels 1 and 2 in a virtual environment. Perfect if you prefer the chance to ask questions and a great alternative to the e-learning modules. 
  • A Safe Space Level 3 - This session is designed to develop leaders’ knowledge of safeguarding so they better understand their role and responsibilities in promoting the safety and welfare of our girls, young women and adult members and feel confident to recognise and appropriately respond to any safeguarding concerns.
  • A Safe Space Level 4 - These sessions will give our commissioners the knowledge and skills they need to respond to safeguarding concerns, allegations and disclosures and to manage any incidents or investigations.

Programme webinars

These webinars cover the same information as the programme training e-learning and in-person training sessions.

  • Programme overview - This session gives an overview of our programme to anyone new to guiding. It's a great introduction to everything that makes up the Girlguiding programme.
  • Unit meeting activities and skills builders - An introduction to unit meeting activities and skills builders, how girls can take part in them and how you can use them in your meetings.
  • Programme awards, badges and books - This session dives into all our awards and badges. You'll learn about Gold, Silver and Bronze awards, Theme awards and all our interest badges and anniversary badges. And you'll understand how girls can use their badge and record books to track their progress and everything they've worked towards. 
  • Programme planning - This session will help everyone in a unit leadership team explore how to create a balanced and varied, girl-led unit programme and plan meetings that will help all girls in the unit explore their potential.
  • The programme in practice - This session is aimed at volunteers who are part of a unit leadership team. You'll hear about good practice and get practical advice for using the programme materials and making any practical adjustments. 

Virtual guiding webinars

Try something new and share great advice for taking your meetings online.

  • Zoom for beginners - This session will be held on Zoom and is packed with 'getting started' information. Explore the features of Zoom and how to use them for online unit meetings.
  • Advanced Zoom - Take your Zoom knowledge to the next level with this intermediate session. Discover some of the more advanced features of Zoom and how you can use them for your virtual meetings.
  • Getting started with… holding unit meetings online (all sections) - This session will provide guidance and support to run effective unit meetings online.
  • More hints and tips for successful Rainbow meetings online - This session will give you specific guidance and support for running great Rainbow meetings online.
  • More hints and tips for successful Brownie meetings online - This session for Brownies leaders is full of advice and tips on running your unit meetings online.
  • More hints and tips for successful Guide meetings online - This session covers useful tips and advice on running your Guide meetings online.
  • More hints and tips for successful Ranger meetings online - This session is all about sharing advice and ideas for meeting with your Rangers unit online.
  • Virtual residentials - Keen to try a virtual residential but not sure where to start? This session will provide support to help leaders plan and run online residentials.

Other topics

  • Mentoring - This session will give you some of the skills and knowledge that are needed as a mentor. This is aimed at new mentors or mentors that want a refresh.
  • Doing Our Best for commissioners - Recognising and celebrating quality in units. This session will increase your knowledge and understanding of the Doing Our Best standards and help you feel comfortable using them with units.
  • Doing Our Best: Recognising and celebrating quality in your unit  - This session will increase your knowledge and understanding of the Doing Our Best standards, and help you to recognise achievements in your unit.
  • Introduction to managing unit accounts - For anyone looking after unit accounts. We're specifically looking at the national accounts pack, but the principles and skills will be useful, however you handle your accounts. We'll look at budgeting, maintaining good records and the requirements of managing unit accounts.
  • Risky business - This session will help volunteers with writing risk assessments with their unit. Demystify the process and get great advice for managing risk.
  • Risky business for commissioners - This session will help commissioners with what to look for when reviewing risk assessments, and how to support leaders in the process.
  • Promoting guiding - A session to cover best practice and ideas for promoting and speaking about Girlguiding.
  • Recruiting adults - This session will be full of ideas and methods for welcoming more adult volunteers into Girlguiding.

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