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How collaborating with Scout units could work for you

Daisy, Member communications team
01 May 2019

Last year, we launched our collaborative project Space to Grow Together. Working with the Scout Association, we want to make sure as many young people as possible can benefit from the adventures we offer.

With our shared goals, values, and history, Girlguiding and the Scouts are a perfect fit. Many of you are already collaborating on everything from meeting spaces to volunteers.

Pauline, County International Advisor for Buckinghamshire, has been teaming up with James, Buckinghamshire Scouts, for years to give girls great experiences in guiding.

To collaborate well, you need to accept that while our organisations are different, we all want the same thing for our young members – greater confidence, learning new skills, and having fun. If we work together, we can offer young people greater opportunities. - Pauline, County International Advisor for Buckinghamshire

Interested in collaborating with Scout units in your area? Here’s what could be in it for you…

  1. Bigger networks. Buckinghamshire started collaborating after leaders meeting each other at big events. 'I went to the 2007 World Scout Jamboree with Buckinghamshire Scouts unit and built up a lot of contacts that way,' says Pauline.
  2. Growing your unit. By working together, we can reach more young people and share efforts on everything from joint camps to volunteers. Together we’re a movement of almost one million young people in the UK – but there are many more who would benefit from both programmes.
  3. New opportunities for girls. Girlguiding and Scouts offer different programmes and our volunteers have different skills. By working with them, you can offer girls the best of both worlds while keeping them a part of guiding. Pauline told us: 'A joint camp was our first big project. An international trip might be a good next step!'
  4. Shared fundraising. Whether it’s for a new venue, equipment, or that all important international trip, working in collaboration with your local Scout group or district is a great way of raising the profile of your campaign.
  5. Team work makes the dream work! There are many joint guiding and scouting groups out there already. Having more people as part of your executive team can really help spread the load. For example, Pauline and James support each other on their boards and everyone benefits.

We'd love to hear about your experiences of collaboration and the challenges and wins that come with it. If you'd like to share your story, contact [email protected].

Space to Grow Together

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