18-30? Which path will you take?

Find out about our new offer for 18-30-year-olds

Rosalyn Old and the 18-30 Task and Finish group
25 April 2018

Updated: July 2018

An offer for you, designed by you and led by you

The Task and Finish group have been working hard over the last few months to develop an exciting new offer for 18-30s, and we couldn’t have done it without your input.

Thank you so much to each and every one of you who completed the survey, emailed us or took part in focus groups throughout the consultation process. We’ve been working to bring all of the ideas together into a new offer for 18-30s in Girlguiding. We’re delighted that we can now update you on what this will look like.

This will be an offer for you, designed by you, led by you. We’ll be the place to come for all 18-30 year-old women in the UK. We’ll provide opportunities for you to develop into empowered, independent women. We’ll help you to build a supportive and fun community and support you in finding your place in Girlguiding and the wider world.

The new offer is your journey from young member to adult member. You’ll choose your path through a range of themed opportunities to have fun, develop skills and enjoy amazing experiences as part of your own personal journey.

Alongside this we’ll show you how you can use your experience and passion in a whole range of flexible volunteering positions across the organisation, when you’re ready. We’ll work with you to come up with a name for the range of opportunities, which ties them all together and gives the offer an identity within guiding and to the public.

Get in touch with us at [email protected] to tell us what other types of opportunities you’d like.

So, what have we got planned?

A new age range

Many members have asked why most opportunities are currently only available up to age 26. We know that young adulthood now lasts longer for lots of people, as they are staying at home or in education later. We also know that career paths for young people are changing, with more of you looking to build up your skills and experience new things for longer. By defining young adult as 18-30, we’re also bringing ourselves in line with our guiding family across the world; this is the age range used by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

Exciting opportunities

You told us that you're not sure what is available to you post-18: 77% of members said 'lack of knowledge of opportunities' was a barrier. So we’re making the exciting opportunities in Girlguiding more easily accessible, so that everyone knows exactly what’s on offer for young adult members, and how they can take part.

There's a huge range of activities available from peer education to GOLD, Duke of Edinburgh's Award and Queen’s Guide award to campaigning or taking on a fundraising adventure. You told us you want more adventure and international travel, so we'll be increasing the number and type of opportunities open to you. The opportunities will give you the chance to push yourself, step out of your comfort zone and improve your confidence in a safe and fun environment with like-minded peers.

We've brought together all the opportunities currently available in one place on the website. Tell us what other types of opportunities you'd like to see there by emailing [email protected] 

Personal development

You also told us that you want to keep developing new skills and to build your confidence. A massive 87% of members and 94% of non-members said opportunities to build your confidence are a priority. And studies have shown that the “confidence gap” is a common issue for women. We’ll aim to address this by empowering and inspiring young women to take on the world – whatever their ambition and wherever it takes them. We’ll be offering different, structured ways for young women to take on personal development opportunities through Girlguiding over the coming months.

More flexible volunteering

You told us that not all of you are able to take on the regular commitment of becoming a unit leader because of various factors such as time, geography or other commitments. But that you’re still passionate about guiding and supporting the development of younger girls. Non-members also told us that time is the biggest barrier to volunteering with Girlguiding.

So we’re creating more flexible ways to get involved. In the future there’ll be lots of different volunteering roles, such as events coordinator. They won’t require you to have completed your Leadership qualification first, or to be attached to a unit, and will enable you to volunteer in more than one area.

Socialise on your own terms

We also heard that you want a chance to mix with your peers, network and have fun on your own terms. We’ll be addressing this in two ways. Firstly by recruiting coordinators in this age group at country/region and county level to support 18-30 year old members to set up social groups. You can meet wherever and whenever you want; in a café, in a local hall, online or even in the pub! These will be meetings organised by you, for you, where you’re empowered to build the network you want.

Secondly, we’ll be piloting large scale events at our activity centres just for your age group. They’ll be a chance to chill out, make new friends, challenge yourself through a range of activities and find out more about what’s on offer for 18-30s.

A different type of membership

We know that some of you may need to step back from guiding sometimes, but still want to stay in touch. Perhaps you’re a student, taking a gap year or have family or work commitments. So we’re looking at a new social membership which would enable you to do just that.

You’d pay a small membership fee to receive updates about Girlguiding and attend peer social events. You’d still be counted as a member and could switch to full membership when you’re ready to take on one of the exciting opportunities and awards, to step into a volunteering role, or want to get involved in structured personal development activities. We have a bit more work to do on this so hope to have more details for you in the weeks ahead.

The next steps on this journey…

There are plenty of new ideas here. The opportunities available to young women will evolve over time based on your feedback, and as we work with you to develop the content and structures that we need. The journey we want to take with you to get all the pieces of the jigsaw in place will probably take a good year or so.

There’s a lot to get started on: many of these opportunities are already available, such as Duke of Edinburgh's Award, GOLD, Queen’s Guide award and becoming a peer educator. Which path will you take?

We have a really exciting journey ahead of us - this is your new offer and we can’t wait to start shaping it with you!

If you have any questions or comments about this new offer, please contact [email protected]

Rosalyn Old Lead Volunteer, 18-30 offer

Rosalyn is working closely with our 18-30 Task and Finish group – which is made up of members in that age range –  to make sure our new offer is relevant to young women.