Indoor meetings and activities

We're excited to get back to our usual meeting venues. Stay safe by following our indoor meeting procedure.

Everything you need to know about safely returning to indoor meetings

Last updated: 2 June  2021

If you want to hold indoor, face to face meetings or activities for girls, where government guidelines allow it, follow these steps to make sure you’re staying safe. Check to see if you can start indoor meetings in your area.

Just because you can meet indoors, doesn’t mean you have to! If you or your unit don’t feel ready just yet, you can keep your guiding going virtually or with outdoor meetings. Or do a blend of all 3 kinds of meetings in a way that works for you.

Remember that you must always use the official Girlguiding forms so that we can support you if there is an accident or incident.

We added new versions of the forms on 2 June which will make it easier to use if you have an older version of Word. If you have already done your risk assessment, you do not need to redo it.

QR codes for venues

In England and Wales it's now a legal requirement that all meeting places must display a QR code for users of the venue to scan using the NHS Covid-19 app.

Scan the code using a smart phone when you arrive at your meeting venue to log your visit on the app. Only those aged over 16 are able to scan in using the app, this includes leaders and volunteers, visitors and all young members over 16. Parents don't need to scan the code when they're dropping girls off. You still need to keep up-to-date  GO records for every meeting.

If you own the meeting venue it's your responsibility to provide the QR code for your venue. See our advice on property management for more information, or head to the government website.

Indoor meeting procedure

Follow these steps before starting to meet up indoors.

  1. Contact your local commissioner and let them know that you are planning to start your indoor meetings. Your local commissioner is the person who directly supports your unit. Depending on where you live, this is usually your district or division commissioner. Find out how much time she will need to sign off your risk assessment – it's likely to be 2 weeks. 
  2. Complete the indoor face to face meetings checklist and risk assessment. Only continue with planning to meet if you can answer yes to every question. This includes checking if you can meet and how many people can meet in the area you live in. Read through the guidance for your area:
  3. Use the risk assessment to consider the specific risks of coronavirus. Think about what you can do to reduce these risks. This could include handwashing facilities, social distancing, and cleaning your equipment.
  4. Share the completed checklist and risk assessment with your local commissioner. Wait for them to give you the go-ahead and sign off the forms over email.
  5. Keep parents and carers informed by sending them a letter detailing your plans. We've created a template that you can adapt for your unit. And make sure you have up-to-date contact information in GO, as this might be needed for test and trace.
  6. As always, make sure that your plans are in line with the Health, safety and welfare procedures. Share your completed risk assessment with all volunteers attending your activities.
  7. Make sure that you have enough adults to support your activity. During this time of heightened risk and uncertainty, you need at least 2 adults, including parent helpers, at Rainbow, Brownie and Guide meetings. Depending on the size of your group, you might need more adults to make sure the right adult:child ratios are maintained.

You need to keep attendance records for 1 month after any meeting, this helps with track and trace and is in line with Girlguiding policies.

If you have any questions about this process, check our coronavirus page or contact [email protected].

Template letters

These letter templates will help you get in touch with parents and carers about starting to meet again.

They're designed for you to adapt to suit your unit’s situation. Each template has space for you to add your own details.

Copy and paste the template text below, or download the Word version.

Download this template (Word)

Dear parents and carers, [insert a first name if you are sending this individually]

We're pleased to say that Girlguiding has given the go-ahead for us to start meeting in person at our usual meeting place [or other location] if we follow government Covid-19 guidance.

For us, that means [add the right info for you here. For example, 15 young people, plus leaders.]

We'd like to invite your daughter to a meeting at:

[Add your meeting details here, including if the meeting is in a different place to normal]

The safety of the girls and volunteers is very important to us. We do a full risk assessment for all activities we do, and this is no different. I know you might be feeling a bit anxious, so I wanted to share the plans we've made to keep everyone safe.

Things might be a bit different from our usual meetings. Please talk to your daughter about these changes before the meeting, so she feels prepared.

[Explain your plans here, for example,

  • We’ve completed a thorough Covid-19 risk assessment
  • The hall will be cleaned thoroughly before our meeting starts
  • We request that you arrive promptly and don’t congregate with other parents. Keep 2m away from other families during drop off and pick up.
  • We've got some great activity ideas that will work without close contact
  • Hand sanitiser will be available throughout the meeting
  • All girls will clean their hands with hand sanitiser when they arrive. They will do this again after using any shared equipment such as balls, pens, scissors etc.
  • We’re asking that girls don’t bring any unnecessary items to the meeting. We'll have a designated place for keeping bags and jackets etc]

If your child is feeling ill, or someone in your household is showing symptoms of coronavirus, then follow self-isolation guidelines and do not bring her to the meetings. Girls must not attend any meetings until isolation is complete. We're asking the same of all our volunteers and leaders.

Can you check the information attached and let us know if we need to update your contact details? We’ll hold onto the details and use them for test and trace if needed.

If you have any concerns or would like to talk about our plans, please do not hesitate to contact me

I’m so looking forward to seeing all the girls when we start meeting in person again,

Download this letter template (Word)

Dear parents and carers [Add names if sending this individually]

As you may know, Girlguiding has announced that we can begin meeting face to face again if we follow government guidance. 

I have spoken to the other leaders and we have decided that we can not return face to face meetings yet. I know this is disappointing, but the safety of girls and leaders must be our primary concern.

[Add information about the reasons here, for example,

  • Leaders are all vulnerable
  • Leaders are key workers
  • We don’t have access to a suitable outdoor space]

We will carry on [include details of your current plans here, for example, meeting by Zoom, sending out newsletters.]

We will let you know as soon as we are able to meet face to face. In the meantime, if you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.