Disability and inclusion

Learn how to support members who identify as disabled or as having an impairment or long-term condition with this e-learning course

22.5% of our volunteers and 10.3% of our young members have a disability or long term condition

Girlguiding strives to make sure that all members can access the opportunities that we offer.

This means sometimes taking a bespoke approach, making adjustments, and always using a person-centred approach for members.  To create this e-learning, we have partnered with Leonard Cheshire who provided specialist expertise on delivering disability inclusion.

Learn how to support members who are disabled or have an impairment or long-term condition with this e-learning course.

Throughout this module, we follow the social model of disability, but we understand that not everyone uses this and that’s okay. There's lots of different language relating to disability and disabled people.

Watch this video to find out more about the social model of disability.

Using practical examples, the course will help you create an inclusive environment for girls and volunteers in your unit.

It covers what to do when you spot that a member is facing a barrier, how to guide this conversation and how to offer support, like making adjustments.

It will also give you information on where to go for more financial support to remove barriers for disabled members and walk through the process of using an adjustment plan.

This course takes around 35 minutes to complete.

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