Training for DofE leaders

Get trained up to make sure you get the most out of DofE

Girlguiding also runs training to make sure everyone supporting the DofE has the right knowledge and skills.

There are three courses that we run in Girlguiding:

  • Introduction to DofE (IttDofE) – this gives you all the know-how to get starting running the DofE programme in your groups. You’ll cover the ethos, outcomes, roles and sections of a DofE Award and is perfect for those new to DofE. You’ll need to complete the Introduction e-learning- before you attend a face-to-face course. You can also attend either a short course (three hours) or the longer version (a day course).
  • Expedition Assessor Accreditation Scheme (EAAS) – if you want to assess groups on their expeditions, you have to attend an EAAS course and become accredited.It will give you in-depth knowledge of the expedition section, and practical skills for how to assess effectively. You’ll need to complete both the Introduction e-learning, EAAS e-learning and then attend a face-to-face training course. Once you’ve attended, Girlguiding and your country/region DofE adviser approve your accreditation. If you want to assess at Gold level, you’ll also need to complete the Gold assessor e-learning.
  • Expedition Supervisor Training Course (ESTC) – this will help expedition supervisors get to grips with their role and understand the different methods of supervising groups. Before you attend a face-to-face training course, you need to complete the Introduction e-learning.

There’s also lots of other courses run by DofE outside of Girlguiding you can attend – check out the DofE training pages for more information on all their training.

Where are training courses held?

DofE training is run the DofE team in your country/region, so check out your country/region website for more information on their training calendars.

You can also attend open courses run by DofE or another organisation. Take a look at the DofE training opportunity finder to see what’s on offer.

All the courses run through Girlguiding are done through eDofE. If you already have an account, keep your login details handy when you book on. If you don’t, you’ll be asked to make a training delegate account. There’s a step-by-step process on how to do this on the eDofE support website.

DofE course directors/tutors

Already familiar with the DofE training opportunities? You can become a course director/tutor and help Girlguiding deliver great DofE training. You’ll have to be approved by Girlguiding and then attend an orientation course. If you’re interested, speak to your country/region office. Find the dates for orientation courses ran by DofE on their website.

Already a course director/tutor? Find all the materials you need to run courses on the DofE website, and a step-by-step process for setting up courses on the eDofE support website.