Sharing skills

Flexible ways for women aged 18 to 30 to share their skills

Develop and share your skills in a way that works for you

We know that many young women want to share their skills to support the development of younger girls, but it needs to fit with your other commitments.

So we’re creating new volunteering roles which are more flexible and don’t require you to be attached to a unit or to have completed your Leadership qualification first. The range of flexible volunteering opportunities will evolve over the coming year, so keep an eye on this page for further updates. In the meantime, many local areas already offer fantastic flexible opportunities, such as county skills pools or holiday guiding.

If you’re already a Girlguiding member, contact your local commissioner to find out about flexible roles in your area. Not yet a member? Find out more about the different volunteer opportunities available and register your interest.

What you can do

Volunteering opportunities for students that fit around your studies

Age: 18+

Volunteering as a student is a great way to gain skills for your CV while having the adventure of a lifetime. And because we’re the leading charity for girls and young women in the UK, you should find plenty of ways to get involved near you.

Find out about student volunteering

Setting up a county skills pool

Age: 18+

A county skills pool is a list of skills, from Zumba to geocaching, that Girlguiding members in the local area are willing to share. Contact your local commissioner to find out if there's on in your area.

No pool in your area yet? Our handy guide explains how to set one up.

Hold a supporting role in your local area

Age: 18+

Could you help your county communicate brilliantly, or take care of accounting in your district? There are loads of roles that support local guiding and help build you CV - contact your local commissioner to discuss what you can offer.

Holiday guiding

Age: 18+

Make guiding more accessible in your area by running a unit in the school holidays. Volunteer a week in the summer and help more girls access the adventure, fun and growth that guiding offers.

Find out more about summer volunteering and guiding

The opportunities this type of unit offers are incredible It gave me the chance to fit volunteering around my studies, while gaining new skills and working with peers to deliver a fantastic experience to girls. - Charlotte, 25, Holiday Brownies leader 

Tell us what you think

This is part of our new offer by young women, for young women and we need your feedback and suggestions. We'll continue to expand the opportunities over time. So get in touch to tell us what you'd like to see added.