Information for DofE advisers

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Get support

For help with DofE, you can contact your country/region DofE adviser. You can also get in touch with the Programme team at Girlguiding on [email protected] or 020 7834 6242 ext. 3013.

Using eDofE

eDofE uses slightly different terminology to GO, so familiarise yourself with the terms below. In eDofE:

  • Centre is the same as the Girlguiding county.
  • Co-ordinator is the same as county adviser.
  • Administrator is the same as country/region adviser or office.
  • DofE Manager/Licenced Organisation means Girlguiding and the team available at [email protected]

As a DofE adviser, part of your role is making sure everyone on eDofE in your area has the correct roles and can only access groups they are leading with.

New registrations

If you’ve got someone who wants to get started on their DofE, they’ll need a participation place set up. You can do order these through your country/region office, so get in touch with them to find out what their process is. They’ll order places and allocate them to the requested counties and groups. You can then create the participant accounts.

Find out about creating a participant on eDofE

If someone leaves Girlguiding before they’ve completed their DofE, they can either be transferred to another organisation (if they are carrying on) or archived. If they’re moving out, this is something their new organisation will do. If not, you can archive their account.

Setting up new adults

Co-ordinators and Administrators can create new adult accounts on eDofE. Make sure you create the right type of account for the role they will be doing. Only those that support the county DofE offer (eg advisers) should hold Co-ordinator accounts, and only those that lead groups and need to support Award progress should hold Leader accounts.

Creating an adult account on eDofE

The type of account can’t be changed once it’s been created, so if you have anyone changing role, eg. going from a leader to an adviser, you have to set a new account for this role.

After you’ve done this, you can archive their old account (if they no longer need it) or ask them to link their accounts

General eDofE support

For any questions about eDofE, check out the eDofE support website for more information.

Using GO for DofE

If you a county or country/region DofE adviser, make sure you’ve got the Duke of Edinburgh adviser on your GO record, and not a generic adviser role. This will allow you you to see who’s holding DofE roles and working on their DofE. 

Everything you need to know about GO can be found once logged in. You'll be able to find help files, videos and other online resources that will help you make the most of the system.

Adding DofE Bronze to Guide’s GO records

If you’ve got girls in your area working on their DofE Bronze, and they’ve got a Guide role on GO, adding their award to their record has to be done by the Systems team at Girlgudiing.

Use this form to enter GO numbers, and Bronze Award start dates. These will be uploaded once a month.

Please note, that this is only for those holding Guide roles. All other participants can have their awards added by the county DofE adviser or county GO coordinator.

Award approvals

Once a DofE Award has been submitted on eDofE, it will be approved by a trained Award Verifier. For Bronze and Silver Awards, this will be someone at country/region level. For Gold Awards, these are all approved firstly by Girlguiding and then by DofE HQ.