The Rainbow Jigsaw

The four main areas of the Rainbow programme

The Rainbow Jigsaw is pieced into four areas

The aim of the Rainbow Jigsaw is to enable girls to develop in all four areas, whatever her ability and background.

  • Look - we encourage girls to look around them and learn about their own environment, each other and their community. We also help them understand that they are part of a wider world and learn about festivals from other cultures.
  • Learn - Rainbows learn through a range of activities - such as crafts, recipes, games and visiting interesting places. They might get talks by local causes or visits from police officers and other professionals and experts.
  • Laugh - Rainbows have lots of fun. Their meetings involve games, songs, parties, celebrations, making a mess and maybe their very first sleepover!
  • Love - through Rainbows, girls learn about caring and sharing with family and friends, working together, fair play, and being considerate and helpful to others.

Pot of Gold

Rainbows get ready to move up to Brownies with a party.