Rainbow Roundabouts

More about our special themed activities from Rainbow Roundabouts All About Me, Festivals, Get Healthy and Seasons

As well as horse riding, we have been decorating biscuits, playing games, and having a sleepover. - Emilia, 7, Rainbow

Rainbows do activities from the Rainbow Roundabouts

The Rainbow Roundabouts are a series of themed resources full of activities that girls can do in their meetings, based around the Rainbow Jigsaw. Each Roundabout takes several meetings to complete and features fun, active and creative activities.

During a Rainbow Chat - when girls make their unit decisions - the Rainbows choose four activities to do for their chosen theme with one from each of the Jigsaw areas.

Once each Roundabout is completed, a Rainbow will achieve their Rainbow Roundabout Badge.

Roundabout themes

Roundabout All About Me - allows girls to explore everything about themselves and Rainbows, focusing on personal development and achievement, self-esteem, decision-making and fair play.

Roundabout Festivals - full of activities, crafts and games inspired by festivals from around the world, focusing on celebrations and traditions.

Roundabout Get Healthy - helps Rainbows to lead healthier lives through lots of fun and engaging activities that explore things like well-being, personal safety and the environment.

Roundabout Seasons - through a mixture of seasonal activities, from science experiments and craft projects to tasty recipes, Rainbows explore how the seasons change and inspire the world around us.

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