Pot of Gold

Pot of Gold prepares Rainbows for moving up to Brownies

Pot of Gold is a special party for Rainbows as they move up to Brownies.

When a Rainbow turns seven it's far from the end of her guiding journey - her Pot of Gold party is about celebrating all she's done in Rainbows, and what's coming next in Brownies (our section for girls aged seven to ten).

The Pot of Gold party

How girls want to celebrate is up to them. Most parties happen at the end of the school term so they're shared by several Rainbows. They can talk to their leader about what games they would like to play, what food they would like to eat and if they would like to dress up!

Girls can also invite Brownies from the unit they will move to, so they get a chance to meet them before going along to a meeting for the first time.

Sometimes I wish I could still be here even when I’m 100! - Tulsi-Leela, 6, Rainbow

The Rainbow Song

Rainbows sing to celebrate occasions like making their Promise.

Our special song