Why planning is vital to recruitment success

Laura, Development Worker with Girlguiding Midlands, supports volunteers to run recruitment events that get results

Thorough planning for recruitment events is vital to their success.

Thorough planning for recruitment events is vital to their success. It's important to clearly identify who is responsible for what in the run-up, during, and after the event. This planning and preparation ensures that new volunteers attending are welcomed into the organisation with a clear understanding of the joining process, what is expected of them and what they can expect from us.

Using an event planner

In the Midlands we developed an event planner that helped volunteers work through who, what, when and how to run a recruitment drive. Pam Mason, Growing Guiding Coordinator at Girlguiding West Mercia, told me that it helped her with the planning and organising of recruitment events in her local area.

What Pam, Growing Guiding Coordinator, says

'The planner was extremely useful it ensured that everything was covered.

'It prevented duplication because it identified who was responsible for each activity of the recruitment campaign. It enabled us to keep to the required deadlines so that we could put on a professional event.’

Plan your recruitment drive

Our top tips to help you plan, deliver and evaluate recruitment drives for girls, young women and volunteers.