We tested the new Girlguiding programme

To get the new programme right we've been asking units all over the country to try it out, get a sneak peak and hear what they thought

Over 4000 units have signed up to test activities for our new programme so far!

Here are just a few quotes from some of you enthusiastic testers - who have already received your activities - and photos of your girls getting messy, creative and active.

We've used your feedback and ideas to refine 160 Unit meeting activities and 41 Skills builder activities so far. By working together with our girls and Leaders we are making sure that the new programme is of the very best quality.

Don't forget, you can still sign up to test with your unit or test individually if you're a parent or young woman aged 14 to 25. 

HELP! First aider skills builder activity - Rainbows

The 1st Midhurst Rainbows recently tested one of the new programme First Aid activities which included discovering how to become a good communicator and how to make an emergency call. The Rainbows built up their confidence with how to deal with an emergency situation at home and how to make a phone call to get help. Us Leaders felt that the girls had learnt an important skill and enjoyed the activity. - Kirstin, Rainbow Leader

Kitchen-less cooking, Camper skills builder activity

We cooked popcorn over candles, it took a long time but the Rainbows were very patient and they got very excited when it started to pop. Our Brownies saw what the Rainbows did and wanted to have a go - so we did beans on toast the following week! - Susan James, Rainbow and Brownie Leader

Kill the germs, First aider skills builder activity - Brownies

Do 5th Potters Bar (King Charles the Martyr) Brownies wash their hands properly?

Folded fables, Storytelling unit meeting activity - The Senior Section

In small groups we wrote stories together! We worked independently and together to achieve the end result. It was fun and interesting to read the final stories. There was a lot of giggling. - Sharon Priest, Leader of 1st Raunds Methodist Rangers

Trash fashion, Community action unit meeting activity - Brownies and Guides

Meet the ninja, the fashionista, the superhero and the supermodel (also known as 1st Shorncliffe Gurkha Brownies and Guides)

Storytelling sticks, Storytelling unit meeting activity - Rainbows

The girls worked together in small groups and made little decisions for themselves. They really enjoyed the activity and described it as "epic!" The leaders felt that this activity could fit in with lots of themes, be carried out anywhere and gives the option of further challenges to suit the level. - Julia, Rainbow Leader

Do it yourshelf , DIY unit meeting activity - Guides

Test the programme for yourself!

Makes the new programme look fun doesn't it? You can sign up to test too - at home or in your unit.

Join the parents' and girls' pool

Join the parents' and girls' pool

Join the parents' and girls' testing pool

Join the units' and volunteers' testing pool

Join the units' and volunteers' testing pool

Join the units' and volunteers' testing pool