We split our unit in two and welcomed more girls

Dividing her unit into two groups meant Rainbow leader Emma could grow her membership and welcome 15 more girls

Splitting our unit into two was much easier to do than starting a brand new unit.

Emma decided she wanted to give an extra 15 girls the opportunity to come to Rainbows. So she started running an extra meeting each week, immediately before the existing one. Some of the girls chose to move to the earlier time, so spaces could be offered in both units. And some of the unit helpers stay for the full two hours and some stay for one.

Different approaches to Rainbows

They named the two groups 'Blue Rainbows' and 'Yellow Rainbows' so that they could colour code posters and rotas. The two units approach the programme and activities in different ways, but the preparation of meetings hasn't taken that much longer. Emma said, 'It was much easier to do it this way than to start a brand new unit.'

Clever ways to welcome girls

From overlapping meetings, to running two meetings in the same place, there are loads of ways to create more spaces for girls to join.