We ran events to promote guiding

Running events with the National Citizen Service volunteers made a real difference in Kent as Growing Guiding Co-ordinator Helen explains

It was great to chat to parents about guiding, plus the event was great promotion for the County and a positive way to keep families on the waiting-to-join lists engaged.

After identifying that we needed more adult volunteers to be able to accommodate girls on our waiting-to-join lists, we decided to hold two coffee mornings to engage the parents of those waiting to join and to raise awareness of local guiding.

Explaining more about Girlguiding

We were already in touch with the National Citizen Service (NCS) about working in partnership as they were looking for projects for their volunteer teams. I met with the NCS volunteer teams in the run-up to the event to contextualise Girlguiding. I explained the Five Essentials, the Key Messages and Being Our Best, alongside the national membership growth initiative.

Coffee for parents and activities for girls

We organised venues for the coffee mornings, then emailed all parents with a daughter aged four to nine registered on Join Us, inviting them to two coffee mornings in different locations in the County.

On the day, half the NCS volunteers went out into the local area with leaflets and the other half helped by serving refreshments and welcoming guests. Local Girlguiding Leaders chatted to parents over coffee and provided activities for girls to give them a taste of the guiding programme. We also had a tablet connected to Wi-Fi with us, so we were able to assist with Join Us queries.

The events also provided an opportunity for those working towards the Leadership Qualification to complete the clause which requires involvement in an event to raise awareness of Girlguiding.

Good results all round

From sending out about 1,000 emails, we had around 50 families attend. It was great to chat to potential parents about guiding, plus the event was great promotion for the County and a positive way to keep families on the waiting-to-join lists engaged.

Part of the NCS programme involves fundraising for the costs of projects, therefore the coffee mornings were held at no cost the County. The volunteers over-fundraised and used some of the excess funds to pay for promotional notebooks which were distributed to those who attended the events.

New Young Leaders

We were invited to attend the NCS Graduation Day, giving us the opportunity to showcase volunteering opportunities with Girlguiding to over 500 NCS graduates. Three of the NCS volunteers who had helped at the coffee mornings signed up to become Young Leaders!

We are delighted to be continuing the partnership and are running two more coffee mornings in other parts of the County.

Grow membership in your area

We have loads of hints and tips for recruiting volunteers and young members. Try them out so that more girls in your area can enjoy the benefits of guiding.