These Guides and Brownies love our activity holidays

Find out why Girlguiding Keyingham has so much fun on their PGL trips, as Leader Dianne shares all

My first experience of PGL was when my own children won holidays through Hull’s ‘Operation Lifestyle’ run by Humberside Police. I went along and was completely hooked!

I’ve taken Guides and members of The Senior Section to Wales and the South of France. Just recently I took 3rd Keyingham Brownies and Guides to PGL Caythorpe Court in Lincolnshire.

‘PGL’s staff were brilliant and included everyone’

We have a 12-year old Guide, Becky, who suffered a stroke three years ago. She was left with brain damage and partial paralysis and sometimes has to use a wheelchair. PGL were brilliant with her and she was able to take part in all the activities.

‘Brown Owl screamed like a little girl on the giant swing, but that’s another story’

The girls, including Becky, didn’t stop and did a whole host of activities: climbing, trapeze, vertical challenge, giant swing, kayaking, raft building, tunnel trail, challenge course and fencing. Evening entertainment was provided including the most amazing camp fire – we didn’t have to organise anything. Leaders can join in too – and that really helps the girls, especially if they’re a bit nervous.

‘It’s really easy to take your girls away’

Once you book, you’ll get someone who’ll take you through everything including letters for parents, lists, forms and all the admin. All you have to worry about is how you’re going to pay for it.

We’re in the heart of the countryside and have girls from a wide variety of backgrounds, we didn’t want anyone to miss out because of money so fundraising was essential. We sent a lot of funding requests to several organisations – we got their names from the county council. I also raised £300 by creating unique drawings for guiding. Our main donations came from two charitable trusts which fully funded six girls and partially subsidised another five.

In 2018 PGL weekends are from £64+VAT. Find out more from PGL

‘It was a joy to watch the Brownies and Guides grow in confidence’

For many girls, PGL is a totally new experience and an amazing opportunity for them to develop. We went for four days and it was brilliant to see how quickly they forged strong friendships.

‘PGL will talk first-timers through every step of the way’

You’re not on your own and PGL staff make things so easy and enjoyable. No sooner as we got back the girls demanded to go back again. Most notable was Brown Owl, who struggles with a sleepover and absolutely refuses to go to Guide camp. She really enjoyed herself, tried EVERY activity and has already booked the same weekend for us next year with PGL.