Our snow sports adventure with guiding

Rachel took Girlguiding Hambleton Division on an amazing adventure, trying snow sports such as tobogganing, hiking and snow tubing

The snow tubing was a hit – we flew along in a huge rubber tube and it was amazing fun.

I love the snow and think Our Chalet in the snow is the most magical place, so I decided to run a Division trip to the World Centre in Switzerland. I took a group of Guides and members of The Senior Section, with the youngest still being a Brownie when she signed up to go.

Activities we can't do at home

When taking girls abroad, I like to try and ensure they experience activities they can't do at home and the winter adventure package at Our Chalet fitted our needs perfectly.

We had five amazing days of activities, including igloo building.

We learned how to walk in snow shoes and had a night hike to the 'magic tree'. We did lots of hiking in the snow - some days we hiked quite long distances but the girls loved it and never complained.

'My favourite snow activity was the snow shoe Olympics because it got everyone, including the Leaders, involved and it was highly amusing to watch people try to run backwards in snow shoes.' - Rhiannon, 16

Snow tubing was amazing

The snow BBQ was a hit, as was the snow tubing – we flew along in a huge rubber tube, not having a clue where we going in the fog, but it was amazing fun.

'My favourite activity in Switzerland was snow tubing. It was scary at first because it was so high up, but luckily the track itself wasn’t that scary. We went up sitting in an inflatable ring and when we got to the top we were pushed down and it was really fast! It was really twisty and curly.' - Abigail, 12

Getting to grips with the toboggans

Tobogganing on traditional wooden toboggans was great fun as well, and by the end of the week we were all experts as we attempted a 5km toboggan run. We had some amusing times getting to grips with the toboggans with many people falling off or speeding off in totally the wrong direction.

I liked the sledging because you had to concentrate to steer properly and once you got the hang of it you could go fast too. - Katie, 10

The girls also had plenty of time to just mess around in the snow having fun.

Every morning my friends and I slid down the big hill on our bottoms as the hill was covered in so much snow. That was definitely one of my favourite activities. - Maisie, 11

Our snow campire and closing ceremony

We also had the essential trip to the Woodcarver, enjoyed a Swiss night, played a WAGGGS wide game and had a chance to complete the special Our Chalet challenge badge. Our final day ended with a snow campfire and a lovely closing ceremony in beautiful moonlight.

It was a once in a life time experience. I hope to return to Switzerland as a volunteer at Our Chalet in the near future, which is an opportunity I had never considered before this trip. - Eleanor, 18

How we made it happen

All the girls worked incredibly hard raising money to help fund the trip. Many an hour was spent bag packing and selling quiz sheets but it was all worthwhile when we eventually stepped onto the aircraft and our adventure began.

Mountain Warehouse was fabulous. We wanted to try and get matching ski jackets and they kindly kept the local store open late one evening so the girls could try on the jackets and gave some really useful tips. They gave a very generous discount on everything so everyone took full advantage and got everything they needed, which the parents found very beneficial.

I'd recommend snow sports to all units

I would recommend trying out snow sports to all units. Switzerland in the snow is so beautiful and the girls really get to experience a whole range of activities they would never get to do at home.

It was a great adventure and I had the best time ever!!!!! - Lucy, 12

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