Our Guide unit tried archery and stand up paddleboarding

Leader Emma's Guide unit had a go at a new kind of archery, and stand up paddleboarding - they loved both!

Both activities were good because we were doing something outside and it didn't matter about the rain. It was great to try new skills with friends. - Lucy, Guide

At 1st Keynsham Guides, we found ourselves trying out some new activities at Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park in Keynsham last term.

Trying out archery

Our first was a form of Battle Archery which is a brand new adventure activity that's recently been started in the UK. Usually, teams shoot at each other with paint soaked, foam tipped arrows. Girlguiding doesn't promote war games but to enable the girls to still try out this exciting new activity, Battle Archery UK agreed to adapt the game so the girls were shooting at targets rather than at each other.

The evening was split into four different activities. The first found us shooting at a net target on an oil drum to get used to the arrows as they differ from convential arrows. The arrows were either foam tipped, or for extra speed had a baseball style tip. Both gave differing results.

We next found ourselves using their aerial archery machine. This fires foam shaped discs into the air that you shoot at, similar to clay pigeon shooting. Aiming at a moving target is a completely different skill to normal archery but some of the girls still managed to hit them and were very pleased with themselves when they did.

Next we tried our hand at shooting the arrows into a barrel. Sounds simple enough but it's actually harder than you think!

The evening was rounded off by us splitting into teams and trying the three activities again, only scoring points this time to see which team won.

Giving stand up paddleboarding a go

Our second evening out found us trying stand up paddleboarding.

Having chosen our wetsuits and split into two groups, we picked up our boards and headed down to the river. We were then told how to enter the water and how to stand up. Even though we had driving rain, success rates were high and we only had one person fall in - not the birthday present she was hoping for, but she persevered and managed it in the end!

One of my Guides, Amelie, said, 'I think it was really fun and was quite different from what we usually do at Guides. I really enjoyed it and would like to do it again.'

My top tip is to do stand up paddleboarding with Guides and older Brownies. Battle - or in our case 'aerial' - Archery is great for all Brownies and Guides.

Another Guide, Lucy, said, 'Both activities were good because we were doing something outside and it didn't matter about the rain. It was great to try new skills with friends.'

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