#iwill make a difference in my community

#iwill is all about getting young people like Debbie, 19, to help others and learn skills themselves

I applied to be an #iwill ambassador so I could strengthen my voice and make positive change in my community, and in particular to raise children’s hopes

Social action has been a massive, positive part of my life, and guiding is a huge piece of that. I've been involved in lots of new social action projects in and out of guiding recently, such as working with Brownies, completing my Leader Qualification and organising our Christmas trip.

I helped to organise a joint Rainbow, Brownie and Guide Macmillan coffee morning – we raised £500! And I'm excited about helping to grow guiding by volunteering on the Girlguiding stand at the The Clothes Show.

I'm also trying to meet as many young people as possible by visiting a primary and secondary school in Bath every week. I give the kids support, working with them one-to-one to help them with school work and raise their aspirations. It's about building relationships with schools too, so I can go in and run sessions about social action for #iwill.

Being an #iwill ambassador

The #iwill campaign is all about getting more young people to access the benefits of volunteering and social action. It's a massive honour to have my contribution recognised by becoming an #iwill ambassador. I've joined many others in pledging to continue my social action work and inspiring others to get involved.

I hope to be able to use my position to access new opportunities. My main goal is to go into schools to give talks about the impact social action can have on young people's lives, and their CVs, especially if they've missed out in other ways. I'm passionate about getting young people from all backgrounds to dream!

Putting Girlguiding on your CV

I agree with so many of the #iwill principles, such as the 'double benefit' of youth social action. Getting involved in your local community not only has a positive effect on the community, it also helps young people gain skills that are useful for life and work.

One of #iwill's principles is that social action is progressive and provides links to other life opportunities. Having employers commit to recognising people's volunteering experience is a huge part of this.

Listing my volunteering experience when applying for placements and jobs has been vital for me. As a young person with little work experience, it really helped me get positive responses. I encourage you to talk about your guiding experience because it shows key employability skills such as organisation, team work, leadership and commitment. Having volunteering experience and awards helps you stand out from the crowd. Don't hide what you do - shout about it!

We're taking social action with #iwill

#iwill has done loads to empower young people and organisations like Girlguiding in social action. Find out how we're working with them.