I've done lots in guiding - with my wheelchair in tow!

Caroline Daboo takes her wheelchair on all sorts of guiding adventures as a member of The Senior Section

Being accepted and encouraged in guiding made me realise that I was still a valuable member of society.

I've been a Girlguiding member since I was seven. I was diagnosed with steroid-induced myopathy (muscle weakness) in 2010. The best thing I've ever done in guiding is learning to believe in myself. Guiding made sure that I viewed my wheelchair as my passport to life, not the end of my life.

I've done all sorts through guiding - run pack holidays from my wheelchair, completed my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Expedition, gone abroad with my wheelchair in tow and taken so many other opportunities.

I was accepted in guiding

But the best things guiding has given me are the people and the attitudes. Being accepted and encouraged, from Rainbows to Trefoil Guild, made me realise that I was still a valuable member of society. I still had the choice to make my life what I wanted it to be.

Because The Senior Section is flexible, when you achieve things you feel a real, deep sense of accomplishment - rather than feeling you have been ticking someone else’s boxes. It is a place of freedom, sharing, support, encouragement, discovery and adventure, but the most exciting thing about The Senior Section is that it is yours!

Adapt things to include everyone

I'd encourage all Leaders to get to know Girlguiding's guidance on disability and inclusion. You can adapt the programme and activities and conduct inclusive risk assessments so all unit members can enjoy guiding to the full.

Support those with additional needs

Make sure every girl has the same exciting experience in guiding by reading our guidance on including all.