I'm inspired by the girls in Girlguiding

Student Cassie discovered some varied and rewarding ways to volunteer with Girlguiding - she's a spokeswoman, Brownie Leader and Peer Educator

I've had so many amazing opportunities through Girlguiding. Every girl is so inspiring - girls are the reason that we do all this!

I'm a Girlguiding spokesperson so I talk to the press about the wonderful work we do. I've done interviews with Sky News, BBC TV and BBC Radio. I was interviewed at 7am by no fewer than seven local BBC stations for the launch of our Girls' Attitudes Survey.

My role as a spokesperson means I can be called upon at any time to speak to the media. In the run-up to the 2015 General Election, I was having lunch with a friend when I received a call from the Girlguiding press team. I was live on Sky News by dinner time, commenting on the Stand Up Be Counted campaign. Eddie Izzard was beamed all the way from Atlanta to comment!

What it's like on a press day

Helping out on a press day is really fun and amazing. I often give examples from my own Brownie unit, the 16th Harrow Brownies in London. At the same time, I show the size of the organisation by talking about the BIG GIG. I also like to shout out about all the incredible volunteers who give their time.

The public speaking skills I learned as a Leader and Peer Educator have also come in handy for my studies as I'm studying Radio Production at University. Being a Brownie Leader while you are studying is great because it gets you out of the uni bubble and gives you something to talk about to potential employers. The other Leader is very accommodating if I can't make Brownies because of deadlines and coursework.

My contribution to peer education

I'm also a Girlguiding Peer Educator and some afternoons I run peer education sessions with a group of Brownies or Guides. I was on the committee for Girlguiding's 4 peer education programme and I helped develop Free Being Me. Everything about Free Being Me comes from the girls themselves.

I've had so many amazing opportunities through Girlguiding but most of all I love working with the Brownies in my unit and the girls I meet through Free Being Me. Every girl is so inspiring – girls are the reason we do all this! 

Ways for young people to get involved

If you're aged 14 to 18, you can join Rangers to access loads of opportunities, make a difference and get your voice heard.